EVA Foam tips/tricks?


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I'm looking for EVA foam tricks and tips before I jump into a relatively simple construction for a movie suit.

I'm a professional but I've never used this stuff before. I've seen the male/female N7 armor, Volpin's armor, and the Fallout New Vegas armor threads, but I'm looking for any help simply with technical aspects.

This has to be an HD quality build so I'm looking for tips on heat forming and shaping, as well as sealing the open cells for paint. I've done some tests with plastic paints, primers, and regular lacquers and all seem to bond very well, however the surface is still porous. I wonder if ironing could somehow seal it?

Any thoughts to help us beat the learning curve appreciated!

Here is the design and the areas shown in green will be EVA parts:


For sealing purposes, in what i'm doing, i find that applying a thin base coat of black gelcoat works well. I flexes well and theres only minor cracking, but that's because i sanded it to thin. If you try it just test it out on a small piece. Here's a link to what i'm working on. The large shell and fin on top are EVA foam with a gelcoat on it.

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do you mean polyester gel coat, for use with fiberglass? So polyester resin doesn't dissolve this foam?
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