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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Tarquinevi, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Hey all!

    I've done small scale work for cosplay costumes using Polyethylene foam before and for my next build I'm hoping to take the jump from craft foam to EVA foam, such as the work done by EvilFX in his N7 Armour.

    As this is my first build, I'll be faithfully using Julian Beek's templates and then progressing into personal designs, if all goes well.

    The actual questions I have are with the material - if I were to purchase EVA foam sheets, how much do I need overall for a full suit of armour? What density and thickness is best? Is it advisable to apply a semi-rigid backing to the foam pieces?

    And last of all, has anyone had any experience purchasing this material in the UK? From what I can see, it'd work out cheaper to buy wholesale from the USA and have it mailed over.

    Thanks in advance!
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    there is lots of foam available in the uk, but im not sure if there is any with the right texture. the usual thickness is somewhere between 5 and 10 mill, whatever you would like to use. you dont need to back the foam pieces, they are rather stable. you might have to connect pieces with buckles or velcro of course
    no idea how much you would need
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    Thanks for the reply, Eyeof!

    Does anyone have an answer regarding density? Or a rough answer on quantity?
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    As for the amount, measure the total surface area on your body where all the armor is going to cover and then add at least 50%. Honestly I'd at least double the total amount since it's the first time using foam and we all like to remake things to our satisfaction.

    As for density XRobots uses LD45 which has a density of 45 pounds per square, uhm something, it seems fairly durable. Too much density and it will be hard to bend and form the armor. Most people find a foam that will suit theirs needs and not really worry about density.

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  6. Tarquinevi

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    Thanks a bundle guys, that covers everything :)

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