ESB Solo Droid Caller and Belt Tools


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Does anyone know where to find these? I know that Correllian Exports had them in resin, but I'm not sure they are still in business. Can anyone point me somewhere?


Correllian Exports has the ANH set on ebay -- maybe send him a message and ask if he can do an ESB set for you.
corellianexports | eBay
he also does resin droid callers -- but I don't see one on ebay right now.

if you want a metal one, and don't want to spring for a vintage kobold flash,
evolution props makes a close facsimile with a 9v battery and a lightbulb that's pretty cool.
Evolution Props
They are got mine recently email options are strange i think its under sanchez look on there web site. He also sells them on ebay
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