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Hi everyone, I've been a member for a long time but have been more of a reader up until now. I am interested in building a snowspeeder ever since I followed Michael Proenzano scratch build his. I hope to eventually take on a Millennium Falcon, Phil's build has been inspiring but I think I'll start with something a little simpler. I was just wondering if anyone recognizes the part I circled in the attached picture. It looks like part of a battleship kit. I've never come across it. Could it possibly have been built from scratch? I wouldn't think the ILM model builders would go through the trouble as the part is pretty intricate. If I get the project going I would like to post progress here at the RPF. Any help is appreciated.


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Don't underestimate the model shop, if they have a need for a particular part and they can't find an existing object to use, they will make it ! (and mold it if they need more) Sometimes the model builder will work themselves into a corner, and will take the time to build a special part if needed. Though usually a suitable part can be found.

I've watched Greg Jein and Bill George at work, and they are pretty amazing at coming up with stuff.

I also remember a modelbuilder coming in to the mold shop, and wanted a mold and cast of a milling machine tool bit, because it looked just like a roof ventilator (the round looking ones that spin) that he needed for a model building he was working on.

So don't limit yourself to kit parts - how many pen caps, paper cups, jewlery beads, etc. have been used in various models ? And if all else fails, scratch build it !


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Okay, I've come to the conclusion that the part I originally posted about was more than likely scratch built. I have this other part I've been racking my brain over. I don't think it is scratched, looks like it may come from a tank, could be small scale but I don't know which kit. Any ideas?
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