Equilibirum Grammaton Cleric Coat

It could be a wool suiting. I would look at a regular trench coat pattern and see what types of fabric they suggest, then look for it in black. I would bet that it is also fully lined. That would give you the option of putting in inside pockets for your stuff/phone/wallet, and it will wear better and last longer.
I started sewing the inner lining. It's interesting watching the pattern pieces come together into something that's wearable.
The inner lining is nearly complete - I just need to sew it together. I also found great buttons at Hancock Fabrics last night.

Similar to this:
Classic Buttons - Slimline Buttons Series 2 - Black 4-Hole 1" 2/Card

Here is a reference shot:
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I believe I've found gloves similar to what are worn in the movie. They look a little longer than standard gloves. To me they appear similar to these bull rider glove length.






Link to buy

I may just end up buying cheap leather gloves from wal-mart, but it is fun to analyze.
The inner coat is sewn together and the back of the outer coat is together. Today I'll work on it all day and hope I make a ton of progress for the convention this weekend.

Back of coat

Movie reference

What's left to cut/sew/pin:
front of coat
front panel

what's left to buy:

Unfortunately I won't be able to finish my costume this weekend as I had planned, but I'm going to keep working on it and I'll be much happier with the end result than rushing to finish it.
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My name is Florian I am 21 years old and I am from Germany.
I am quiet new in this forum, but I was really amazed to see, that your messages here are quiet new and not 7 years old!
So I have registered with the speed of light to write you!
First of all, I will tell you why.
I also, like many other people really really really want this coat!
So I started to search through all of the wrldwide web and the onlyest developer/producer of this coat was abbyshot as you know.
And sure you also know, that they have stopped the production of it since a few years.
So.....I wrote an email, a realy big email with much "please" in it.
And they only said: "We are sorry, but we can't make more of it."

And so......I was really frustrated:cry

And now I want to know what I can do, to get one of this "there is no word for it" coat in good quality.....?

Can you make one for me? Or anyone else? I think I have to say money is no problem cause beautiful things are easily cost money.

Florian, I would recommend checking out this site and contacting her to commission the costume for you. The seamstress is great, I have seen her work in person and highy recommend her.
Strange Land Costuming I would tell her Zach sent you so then I can help give her my bluray movie reference shots. Check out her website to see the costumes she's made, and then contact her.
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I don't know what they used for the Black coat, but it had a satin twill texture, just like the one two posts before. The white suit is definetly (almost 100% sure, around 97%) made with heavy white twill.
No progress on the project but I did get married! I'm going to try to finish this for a con in April so you should see some updates in the coming months.
Interested in the progress as well as outcome of this one. Always loved the look and story of this one. As I found it on my own one day and have since raved about it to all my friends that care to hear my rambles. :D
Yes, but I wrote them and they've said, that they don't make one more of the cleric coats.

PM Sent about contacting Strangeland Costuming for a commission.

Progress is slowly coming - I just need my wife to show me how to sew the lining to the outer coat.
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