epoxy putty?


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what do you guys think of using epoxy putty for reinforcing pep and foam work? the weather's cooling off now, and resining outside will be difficult. but I was told buy a guy at a local body shop the putty can be used indoors, and smoothed with wet fingers. it's also odorless and has no fumes.
Milliput is essential stuff!! I went through a boat load of it on my stormtrooper helmet but it was more used for detail work and edging....not sure i'd want to use it instead of resin, it would cost a fortune!
I have no experience working with pep and foam, but I do have experience working with epoxy putty, and it seems like it would be hard to mold it to paper or foam without crushing it. It's also really expensive. I used $5 worth of putty to make one small disc around 2" in diameter and 1/4" thick. Unless you can get a discount on large quantities of the stuff, you'd spend a fortune to make something like a helmet out of it.

That said, there is this other kind of putty people use to make props which is basically the same thing as epoxy putty, and it's cheaper. I can't remember the name of it though. Still have the same issue of crushing the foam or paper when you try to apply it though.
I use a ton of Apoxie Sculpt (an epoxy type clay with a slower cure... overnight vs. 5 minutes).

It's thick and solid... you'd have to push it in hard to get it to fill spots. I don't see it as a viable way to coat a pep project.
I love working with epoxy putty - But as already has been mentioned, it is too damned expensive. In Aus. A 15cm by 1cm round tube is 8 bucks... It doesnt go very far but it is definitely worth it for small areas that need to be free shaped. I wish i could buy a bucket of it for cheap :(

In regards to pep, it would be expensive - But, You could make a frame of the piece with the putty. Not too sure on the adhesion of putty and paper, but a frame would make fibreglassing a hell of a lot easier.
Apoxie Sculpt is very good - VERY workable though a bit chalky, but probably the best value for larger-scale usage. Another IMPORTANT part is that it starts out softer than most other epoxies I've handled...this is essential for hand-kneading larger quantities, unless if you're the Hulk!
I've always favored ProPoxy for general use, as it is strong and has a nice tight feel to it, but $10 a tube can add up.
I use rubbing alcohol with both for smoothing.
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