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Other than home entertainment with movies and tv shows that come with a cable or satellite program (such as Directv or Dish), do you use any other system (i.e. Google tv, etc.) that replaces cable and satellite?

I'm looking for alternatives to Directv and Dish. I know some people hook up either an iPad or even a Droid to their tv and can access what's on their phone, and I know places like Netflix and Hulu are out there, but if you know of some alternative to cable/satellite, what do you use or know that's out there to replace with? I'm not talking about pirated stuff, either, or one site does this, another does that...looking for a legit setup that would be nice to have besides standard cable/satellite setups.
Wasnt there something called a Sling Box or something? Cant remember how it worked but it was something to do with TV over the internet. Could be wrong.
Slingbox, as I recall, let you record a program at, say, your house, and then access it via the internet where you were or wherever people were that you gave the info to access it. I know people who've used it to give to relatives in NYC while they lived in arizona so they could stream NYC football and baseball games to themselves in arizona.

I believe things like Apple TV and Google TV are the same thing as Windows Media Center or any linux equivalent. They don't give you channels, they allow you to stream things from their sites or your own computer/device. To get local channels, for example, you'd still have to have a digitial antenna, or basic cable access and funnel that to your distribution method of choice.

Another actual provide is FIOS if it's in your area. But it's piping your TV through your DSL line.

It also depends on 'how' you plan on replacing them. Sure, you can stream all current shows off the networks website, but the shows don't show up for 24-48 hours ( or more) after airing and you may have to watch direct from the network's site. Not all have an easy connection to a front end like GoogleTV or Media Center or anything. I learned that using Media Center (which I liked). Lost it in a power surge which fried my TV card :)
Some Blu-Ray players have wireless and Ethernet connections. My Blu-Ray has one that has an Ethernet connection, but it has limited site function, such as YouTube, Netflix and Pandora (for music, obviously) with a small amount of others.
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