Enterprise poll


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I'll join the necro posting and say D as well. I can see how people don't like it but it just makes me love it more. :)



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Ya beat me to it.


11 footer. :D

- k

The Original Series Enterprise is the only Enterprise that matters for me,(sorry it wasn't one of your options), I like the Refit and for some reason it seems to get a lot of praise. I thought it looked more like a Carnival Cruise ship than a deep space Exploration Starship.

Just my opinion...

The movie story lines never achieved the level of the best TV series episodes, Yeah they were fun but I prefer the crew as they were.

NCC-1701...Best Starship hands down.
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Out of your original choices, TMP absolutely.
Up to me ... TOS.
If I had unlimited funds, I'd make a deal with the Smithsonian for weekend rights.


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It's a tough call. The TOS E is a very close second for me to the D ONLY because TNG was the show I grew up with and the first Trek I watched. I then went back and watched TOS.Ohhh imagine having that 11footer. Mmm :)



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Okay, I'll be the one to finally say it...

The Original E detailed out along the lines of the Motion Picture E. Those pylons on the TMP version make no sense (they taper away from the load?) and the shape of the nacelles, while elegant-- are just plain art-directed. Give the Original that amazing Ron Gress opalescent panelizing paint job and stick the camera close in to see windows and grilles, vents and docking ports never used in the series-- just added during a minor refit. NOW you've GOT something!


Scott said this seven and a half years ago, and he's still on to something. Douglas E. Graves did something very much like this in CG, and it's gorgeous, but I'd quibble with some of the details. And to see it fully realized as a physical model! That's as close as I'm ever gonna get to seeing the original Enterprise really in orbit.
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