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Enik from LAND OF THE LOST! Restoration and Custom Mannequin Display


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Hey all,

Folks who follow our Facebook and Twitter pages have had a sneak peek at this...

We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing pieces over the years, but the ones that are a piece of your childhood are always special.

We recently wrapped up a pretty major project, restoring and displaying the original Enik costume from the classic Krofft show Land of the Lost. The show was one of my absolute favorites as a child and working on this project has been a bit of a dream!

When the costume arrived, it was in fair condition, but very dry and crumbly, riddled with cracks and with many loose or missing scales. The sleeve cuffs were torn (and one missing the last 6" or so). The head required refurbishing to refit the inner lenses back in place (as well as minor crack repair and restoration). The hands and feet were missing completely and would need to be recreated.

The client also tasked us with recreating his accessories (necklace and bracelet) and tunic.

This project drew on all of our collective skills. Mike Thomas sculpted the new hands and feet (taking those through sculpt, mold and paint). I restored the suit, seaming on the hands and paint matching the repairs. I created the custom mannequin to form-fit the costume, built the themed base and his necklace. Lonnie Hale cast up the clear resin jewels for his bracelet and Kitty Hebert created the tunic (with Kelly Delcambre finding the PERFECT sparkly fabric!).

We've got quite a few pics and tons of info (included a detailed review and testimonial from the client) on our site: Restoration and Display of the original Enik costume from the Krofft show, Land of the Lost.

There's also a quick Youtube video we've put together just for fun: YouTube - Land of the Lost Movie Costume Restoration and Display

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy seeing Enik as much as we enjoyed working on him!!



Land-of-the-Lost-Enik-Before_1.jpg land-of-the-lost-enik-6_1.JPG

Land-of-the-Lost-Enik-Costume-Display-1_1.jpg land-of-the-lost-enik-1_1.jpg

Happy client Keir Neubauer (on the left):
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This is incredible! As a fan of LOTL, I was blown away be your efforts. I knew this thing existed and wondered if it would ever get the respect it deserved. I see now that it has! Your work is incredible!!!! Enik has finally "gone home" Ganektic my friends!



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In doing research for pics for a project I found Keir's Facebook page dedicated to this project and was excited to see it!

I should have known one of our RPF members was involved!

Looks FANTASTIC Tom! This comes from a HUGE fan of the show!


What did you use for Enik's pendant/necklace? I had always thought it to be just flat pieces of metal to form the 3D diamond shape... did you have photo reference or was that an interpretation?



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Thanks all!

Kurt, the pendant on the necklace is quite accurate. We based it on a ton of screencaps, but really seeing the video in motion was the most telling, especially to see the nature of the finish.

The shape is essentially two pyramids with the bases attached, and the covering is a prismatic paper. Very trippy :)

Thanks again!


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I spent many Saturday mornings of my youth with LOTL and it's great to see this character restored as closely as possible to his former self. Very good work and thanks for caring. :)


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Great job, as always!​
The black under suit the scales are attached to, is that just a 70's era wet suit?​
After reading this thread I went and watched a few videos on YouTube.......I forgot how Sci-Fi creepy those older episodes were.
Even with the horrifically bad special-effects and cheese-ball acting, still one of my favorite shows from back then.​


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Amazing work! I loved that show as a kid and its so great to see this character brought back from the edge to be enjoyed for years to come!
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