land of the lost

  1. Kudalambda

    Enik the Altrusian Costume Replica

    So as a kid, I watched the reruns of the original Land of the Lost. I have to say that of all character's Enik was the most appealing to me. As a kid, I knew a lot of folks that collected props and costumes (back before the "collectors" were in the picture) and I always said that Enik was one...
  2. TomSpinaDesigns

    Enik from LAND OF THE LOST! Restoration and Custom Mannequin Display

    Hey all, Folks who follow our Facebook and Twitter pages have had a sneak peek at this... We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing pieces over the years, but the ones that are a piece of your childhood are always special. We recently wrapped up a pretty major project, restoring...