EFX Mandalorian Helmet Season 2

Got an email from efx. I’ve been happy with other stuff from them…but don’t wanna wait 3 years!

This prop replica helmet is now available for pre-order starting Wednesday, July 28, 2021. A NON-REFUNDABLE $200 deposit is required to place your pre-order.
efx has been pretty good with delivering PCR helmets.

If the paint is good on the Mando PCR, it might actually be more consistently good compared to their fiberglass Mando helmets which often have strange curves in the mohawk lines.
Thanks Blando...that's a good idea. I went ahead and pre-ordered with SIDESHOW as well.

Been wanting a licensed Mando helmet for awhile...it seems the ANOVOS helmets get scooped up on eBay for high prices

Anyway...the waiting begins...hopefully have it before Season 3!

thanks guys
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I ordered the Season 2 Mando helmet but still no product in hand after a year. Has anyone heard of people getting their Season 2 helmet? I've been thinking of picking up another helmet instead. Any recommendations?
Looks like some of these are starting to arrive. Mine is all paid through Sideshow so hopefully they get their allocation soon.

This is not mine but I'll be sure to post some well lit photos upon delivery.


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Something has been brought to my attention and I need to do alittle more research before I click the buy button

Appreciate the link though!
I feel like the PCR version is a better purchase unless your goal is to flip it. I like my Boba and Vader sitting here. It is nice to not have to worry about anything really happening to them. It seems like some of these fiberglass copies end up not being that great. I saw someone had posted that the lower ears were literally curling/pulling away from their helmet. I mean a quick glue job fixes it but why should a $600-800 dollar helmet need that type of fix when they have been out all of two years now?
My order from SS will be charging on Jan 17th and is supposed to ship shortly after that.

I ordered in Nov 2020 so not bad to get it just a little over a year later.

Still doesn't forgive EFX for the items that collectors paid for and still don't have such as the Legend Scout Trooper helmet and Solo dice.

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