EFX Legend Edition busts

R.P. McMurphy

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Full size remote r2? Yes please.

Me too! Can't possibly imagine what their timeline for production would be for this, though. As Bryan, said in his intro, "Knowing our company, I can't tell you when." For such a big audience at such a big event, it's too bad the presentation didn't go smoother and that they had a typo on one of their slides: "Stuart Freeborn's 'orignal' casting."

Looking forward to learning more.


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They should make stronger efforts to publish the stuff they have anounced years before instead of such teasers.
Many our undoubtedly with you in that regard.

One has to wonder how long it'll be before we see any of these new announcements materialise, if ever.
I can only hope there'll be a sudden change in their business practices in the not too distant future, as there's a few newly revealed pieces I'd very much like to acquire from them.


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So how long until they take pre-orders and deposits for these for release in 2020? Announcing new stuff isn't the best move for eFX. People are still waiting for things they've bought from them long ago.


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Yes, eFX will have to pick up the pace if it wants to get any of this stuff out in a reasonable amount of time.

As far as busts are concerned I am not too interested in those.

If they could do complete costume replicas, now that would be something else. But considering how long it takes just to do a helmet I don't know if that would ever happen.


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I like the idea of 1:1 busts, but these take A LOT of space. I own 4 life-size busts (2 similar with EFX photo) and they are literally eating my display shelves :)

On the other hand, as cool as these busts from EFX might be, they will most likely be released the day we make contact with another civilization. :p EFX really needs to wake up

spinner 44

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Exactly. They have the coolest proyects, yet they take forever to be done. This is starting to remind me to other companies that I shall not name here. Of course efx delivers top quality, but as other companies is starting to have loooong production times, and just a few pieces in the market. In the long run that may be a problem.