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Last week I traded acouple of old kits for a Horizon Vinyl Ed 209.
It was already trimmed and put together. And had some paint on it. Some kind og grey primer and some black paint. Both looked like they came from spray cans.
I've tried several different products to remove the paint ,with no luck.
I decided to go ahead and build the kit despite the old paint on it.
After it was taken apart, the individual pieces was cleaned for glue and trimmed some more. The one who originally put this thing together did so in a rush. Or so it seems.
I have begun adding some more detail to some of the pieces.
You can follow the progess on the link below.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please let me know.


Who can make make me a decal sheet for this kit? And what will it cost?
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Lynn TXP 0369

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I only get a banner at the top of your web page, nothing else.

This model is very, very close to SS size and is molded close to one on the filming miniatures just in case you didn't know, so this could technically go in the SS forum.

The SS minature is on the box cover, the actual kit is on the back.
A couple of the details are different then the kit. The kit dosn't have decals like the SS minature does.

I've got a copy of some decal artwork from the SM site that it's builder sent me for it if you want them.

I'm working on one of these as well, here are a couple sites that can get you close to the SS miniature.




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What it looked like when I got the kit

The paint is mostly on the top of the parts

It was missing to of the "toes"

Broken down

Different sizes and shapes of wire is added to the feet

Theinside of the lower leg

The lower leg filled with plaster to give it some weight

The new "toes" nearly done

Adding new pipes to the hydralic of the thigh

Right arm before the new scratch build parts are added

To see more pics, please go here http://photobucket.com/albums/c387/staermose/ED%20209/


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Hey, Lynn, I thought it might be you asking for those decals. Yeah, ED was a great kit to work on. I still wish I had actually cut out those back pistons like everyone else is doing now.

For the Decals I created, they are well hidden on the Starshipmodeler site (on a Trek page.) The links are 3 up from the bottom most listing.


Staermose - looks great so far. Yeah, I had a thread in the Studio Scale forum about this kit being damn near SS in size, but it appears wackychimp no longer has the images linked.

Here are a few more of my pics for ref:


Lynn TXP 0369

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Originally posted by Talisen@Mar 2 2006, 11:37 AM
Hey, Lynn, I thought it might be you asking for those decals. Yeah, ED was a great kit to work on. I still wish I had actually cut out those back pistons like everyone else is doing now.

Is this Ken R.??

Yeah, I love your ED 209.
Those decals are great, I just gotta get them printed on a descent copier, mine dosn't print them out too well.

I was going to cut my back pistons out, but I didn't feel like going that far.



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I have two 1/9 scale ED-209 kits on the way to me. They are recast kits, so i don't know how good they will be, but i've bought kits from the same seller before and the quality was great.

Can anyone make some of those decals for me? If so, please PM me with a price :)



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Originally posted by staermose@Mar 4 2006, 06:01 AM
Please don't buy recast kits. ANd Please don't use my thread to profile them.

Where do i buy an ED-209 model then, from Horizon?
I don't see a problem in buying vinyl model recast of a kit that has been out of production for years.



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This is not the forum for the recast discussion. But let me just state my opinion on the matter.

There are basically three places where you can get one.

1. Buy in 1989 when it was released... That is is still impossible for most people ;)
2. Buy it online at ebay, other auctions houses or hobby shops.
3. Do what i did, find a model that was already built and try to restore it.

A lot of model kits are next to impossible to find. So what do you do? You have to be patient and wait for one to pop up somewhere. Or you find something else to build. I couldn't find one that was unbuilt, so I settled for second best.

Remember, recast kits is what helped close companies like Horizon, Screamin, Argonauts and lots of others.

I hope this is the last of the recast discussion in this thread. Now please, if someone would like to post in this thread, let it be about the Horizon 1/9 vinyl kit.


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I actually have this exact same kit. I bought it back when it was first released. I knew nothing if accuracy then so i just winged it but now I really want to strip it down and make it dead on accurate.
In my research i found this site..if you know about it cool but if not heres a link to some great ED-209 pics on it
Hope it helps
ED-209 SS model

Some good info and shots of the full sized version


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Keith, it's his thread and if he doesn't want it to be about recasts, then please respect that.


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A small update

Thanks for all the links posted so far. They are helping a lot. That, and freze framing the dvd ;)
I've changed the bolts on the hinges. The little white parts. 8 on each side. Nearly all of the original ones had large air bubles. It was easier to cut them of than try and fill them. The new bolts are round, the old where hexagonal. But the detail was so soft that they almost looked round. When its painted i don't think the round ones will look that bad.

The top of the rails. With some new detail parts.

Right arm. The large putty area is where i cut out the original targeting thingy. And new missile parts.

New target thingy.

Too Much Garlic

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Looking good and informative so far. Looking forward to more updates and progress pictures. Impressive how a kit can be improved so much by adding and changing small parts here and there.

Keep up the good work


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You got me thinking about mine and I was thinking it might be cool to have his legs in the walking positions... the slide locks open and the knee moved furthur up the slides.
Would probably be hard to do with the vinyl but it would give him a more animated pose instead of the dead neutral one the kit comes with.


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It is not im possible to do a walking pose.
Things to do:

Move leg up the rails. Thats the easiest part. Just cut out a piece of the rail and place it underneath the joint.

On each of the two joints, there are two brackets. One on each side. These open up when Ed walks. There is a nice shot of what it looks like on the dvd just as Ed has entered the board room and the guy points the gun at Ed. Cuut out all four brackets and rebuild the space under them. Shouldn't be too hard to if you have some sheets of evergreen.

The toes need to be altered. Cut out the front toes on each leg. And build some joints that look realistic. One has to go up the other down. The four toes one the sides of the feet needs to have new joints build too. I'm not sure about the smaller rear to on the back of the feet, if it moves when he walks, or if it is just there for stability.

The part that I think is the worst is the hips. They need to be angled as the hip joints move up and down when he walks. I'm not sure how to do that one just yet. Perhaps building the soft black area from scratch, and a new mounting point for the head/body and the hip?

There are some things that has to be done to make it look like it is walking. But it is not impossible, and a more dynamic pose wil look a lot better than the static waiting stance it has now.


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Just finished the first of the two rail parts for the legs. It was originally one piece of warped vinyl. Now it is 34 pieces of vinyl, styreen and metal.
I had to cut it open to make i more accurate. As I was doing so, I noticed that the box structure was terrible warped. I tried several diffent things to correct this. Heating it and trying to reshape it and gluing new pieces of styreen on ot. But nothing looked satisfatory.
To build a new box was what I should have done from the begining, its looks better and wasn't very hard to do. The original detail pieces was guled on the box, some part where modified and the whole thing was glued together.



Who can make make me a decal sheet for this kit? And what will it cost?
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