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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by kell, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. kell

    kell Well-Known Member

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    Hey guys- being a newbie, thought I might get some input from the group. So like the topic says: whats known about him, reputable, good products, easy to deal with. More important is here a member here ?

    Any help would be great.


  2. RedTwoX

    RedTwoX Sr Member

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    I bought a BSG pistol from him not long ago. It was a smooth transaction, and we left each other positive feed back. Not much to tell. Actually, those are the actions I like best. I pay, they ship, we both leave good feed back... no drama. I'm not possitive, but I think he's a member over at ASAP. I've not seen anything to make me think he's on the RPF boards.

    The product was reasonably good. I expect there to be a good bit of clean to do on a sub-$50 resin piece, and there was. Nothing some bondo, sand paper, and elbow grease couldn't cure. Air bubbles were few and that was a nice surpise. That's usually a bigger issue on cheaper resin pieces. I cut a groove around the explosive round launcher to make it a little more screen accurate. The project is about 90% complete right now and I'm happy with the purchase.

    I'd buy from him again.
  3. kell

    kell Well-Known Member

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    Thanks RedTwoX, I was hoping you would chime in... Saw your pics on "on the workbench thread" Looking Good :thumbsup

    Anyone else ?

  4. trekprops.de

    trekprops.de Well-Known Member

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    I've had several dealings with him. Not via eBay though. He offers great stuff, has (very) good prices and ships fast (even to Germany). I'd say you can buy from him without much thinking about it.
  5. DarthWillie

    DarthWillie New Member

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    Now there's a nice story. I bought a BSG blaster on 16 november and payed with Paypal 03:59, he returned the e-mail at 4:01 and gave me a tracking number at 04:27 (I live in Holland, so dutch times :p )

    I got a bit worried when the tracking number didn't work, until the 22nd of november when my blaster arrived, the next day the tracking number said the package had left the USA. :D

    S0 from the US to the Netherlands in 6 days, yeah, verry happy. Nice piece also, needs a little bit of cleaning but verry little. Good dealer, happy buyer. :thumbsup
  6. Kal-L

    Kal-L New Member

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    I think you'd better hold off to let some of the old timers chime in on that particular eBayer.

    Never having dealt with him myself I don't feel qualified to comment, but I kow there are folks that have some strong opinions hereabouts.
  7. blufive

    blufive Sr Member

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    Is dish_man Dstines?
  8. morpheus13

    morpheus13 Well-Known Member

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    Yes it is.


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    Ruh roh...
  10. Gary Weaver II

    Gary Weaver II Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Yup, that be the Stinesmeister... a real piece of work both on and off the boards.

  11. rocketeer25

    rocketeer25 Sr Member

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    DStines was banned from the RPF years ago. His products and services won't be promoted here.
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