Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Anyone see this? Anyone read the comics?


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I just watched it on Netflix Instant last night. Not bad, but not great. Pretty much a by-the-numbers detective "noir" film with supernatural elements. Decent for a turn-your-brain-off bit of entertainment, but not particularly revolutionary.

It got me thinking, though. First, I was struck by the similarities between this and The Dresden Files (of which I'm a fan -- both the books and the show). Yet, until seeing the film, I had no idea Dylan Dog was an Italian comic (and apparently a HUGELY popular and well written one -- any comic book that Umberto Eco says keeps him interested is worth checking out).

What I don't get is what the difference is between the two. My hunch is that The Dresden Files is much more just the formulaic, fun stuff, whereas Dylan Dog is more representational of current problems in humanity as explored through the lens of the fantastical. At least, that's what I got from descriptions of the comic.

Can anyone confirm?

At any rate, the film's worth a look if you're in the mood for Dresden Files: the Movie.
I enjoyed the film a lot actually. I have never read the comics as I think they are italian? Good fun film that reminded me a lot of Buffy in tone.:)
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