Dumb question and help needed please! finding the axis of an egg?


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Sorry guys and girls but I need help with this one. alright I have looked high and low to find two plastic eggs the right shape I need. way after Easter and of course no one has any. a friend at work today provided me with two that will work prefect for my project. they seem like the delicate plastic that will possibly crack if cut wrong.

but that's off topic. I need to cut these two eggs perfectly In half. and I have no clue how to find there pinpoint axis. this probably sounds dumb as hell. but I could really use some help here.

Any and absolutely all suggestions more than welcome and very appreciated. and you can also criticize me for not knowing how to find the center of an egg.:lol


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if the egg is vertical, are you cutting it in half vertically or horizontally?
I guess I'd need more information about what you're trying to do.

if you clamped the egg horizontally in a vice and drew a point anywhere on the egg, then rotated the egg so that the point was straight up (exactly the same distance from each arm of the vice, assuming the vice is level and the arms are identical) you could then cut straight down in the center of that point and effectively cut it exactly in half.
Here the egg is laying horizontally with the end facing you. The red clamp is holding it in place. A mark was placed on the egg and rotated until it was perpendicular to the table. The green lines are the distance from the mark to the edge of the clamp and are the same. Cut straight down (orange line)
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Is the egg one piece, or split like a plastic Easter egg?

If it's one piece this may help.

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Thanks for the help guys. I lost my internet connection and could not get here. trooper I'm trying to get a half dome off the short dome end if that makes any since. but i also need to know pinpoint both centers of each dome side. because i have two drill a hole in the short dome center top. i'm probably making this very confusing.

the two eggs are hollow plastic no seems. at the widest point the diameter is roughly 1 3/4 Inch. length from top to bottom roughly 2 3/8. I'm going to check your video out now Rob. thanks man...


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Oh! Then just cut it in half, level it, drop a bb into the "bowl", shine a light into it so you can see if from underneath and mark it where the shadow of the bb is.
LOL I don't know what I'm talking about
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