Dredd 2012 variation on Dark Judges

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by JonnyScotland, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Hi all!!

    Basically going to do all four of the dark judges but starting with the Death, Fear, Mortis and ending with Judge Fire :p

    Have had issues getting a Pepakura Dredd helmet template from www.4Shared.com (linked from Dung0Beetle and Blaxmyth post on here)
    Laptop refuses to download anything from it and throws up warnings I've not come across anywhere else
    Is the site sometimes dubious or is my laptop getting bothered over nothing?

    Just wanted to check as it was a popular file a few years ago

    Thanks all!
  2. Fire2993

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    I recently tried to use the same site for templates and got the same problems showing up. I had to restore my iPad in the end to get off the page.
  3. Uridium

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    If you message me your email address I will email you the Pep file.
    I have the Dung0Beetle and Blaxmyth one, and I am pretty sure they are cool with it being shared.

    (I have the UK A4 paper size format one)
  4. gothic

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    look forward to seeing these :D
  5. KillerofSaints

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