dragon shield mmpr


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hey hey hey guys,
as some of you may know, i love pepakura, its a great way to build helmets and costumes and well.... anything really, providing you have the pep file you can make anything.
heres a link to my youtube channel with all my pepakura videos so you can see what im on about if your unsure
Tomahawknutter's Channel - YouTube

ive recently purchased this awesome pep file of the green rangers shield, this thread will be update periodically when i make progress. ( might be slow due to work ) will regullary post pics when i can.

im also making an eric0101 green ranger helm as well, i have many custom morphers and clicks gold chrome plates, a green metalic holster, and a dragon dagger, cant wait to complete this project to add it to my collection



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Hope your dragon shield is coming on well. I have been looking for this pep file myself for a while and not been successful. Would you be willing to re sell this pep file to me?

Hope to hear from you

Kind Reguards

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