Done / Completed Dr. Who Missy's Device from Dark Water


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OK so a friend thought I should make this, I love Dr. Who but have yet to do a prop.. this one is pretty cool so I decided I'd give it a go :)

It will be 3 main pieces, 2 covers and the middle bit that goes around an iPhone 4/4S like the show. Then a few resin bits that will hold it together..

I'm still working out a price, but somewhere around $175usd + shipping with LEDs and wiring.. possibly a battery. Again I will have to figure some stuff out once I print and see if that price works.

Here is the concept for the device

And the model so far.. front will be ready to print this weekend.
I would like to try and mimic the metal details that go around all the edges with some metal powder or cold cast.. not sure if rubber is going to work for it might need to be painted on.

And here is a pic of some test prints, which are not the right size.. and have supports..bad photo. But you get the idea :)

Please post up interest, and if you wanna see this with or without electronics.. could impact cost and time to make it a far bit.
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As mentioned on the other relevant thread, I know a couple of folks who'll probably be interested. I'll send them this way.
I am entertaining the possibility of making it fit the iphone 5..which I would think would fit a touch.. but I need to see if I can fit it inside. And agiain this is assuming there is 10+ people interested in this.. not an easy prop to print or mold/cast
Can it be made to fit a current iPod Touch (5th generation)?
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