Dr Horribles Freeze Ray - Portable Build for MissKittyBoo


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So MissKittyBoo was in need of a freeze ray to finish off her Dr Horrible cosplay. I was happy to oblige.


So I started coolecting bits and pieces for the build.


I then measured and cut a box out of 10mm MDF then routed off the corners and primed it and placeds a rod through the middle to keep it all together.

10352825_10153242358977578_3444764635952957165_n.jpg 11390139_10153438709357578_5042066955518952131_n.jpg 11295721_10153438709387578_4879983723579931864_n.jpg 11252403_10153438709427578_3485266489377420157_n.jpg 11377377_10153438709452578_6149163845280849550_n.jpg 10388649_10153438709502578_7800072408607582796_n.jpg

I then painted the box satin black and painted the pvc parts silver using Rustoleum Aluminium Metallic. I then fitted the handle onto the box.

11392997_10153438815377578_7919570414951477643_n.jpg 1146532_10153481733222578_4848129076511878848_n.jpg

I then fitted the side elements. These were made up of some pvc plastic clear tube and 4 l shaped irrigation corner conduits and an Blue LED Array board.

11039139_10153481733577578_4470240952026042796_n.jpg 11147111_10153481733507578_4458555986716147397_n.jpg 11400987_10153481733412578_4111541397679160469_n.jpg 1463620_10153481733347578_3563496797010032232_n.jpg 11241431_10153481733262578_1431897076024602060_n.jpg 11537709_10153481733647578_4599122280545640198_n.jpg

I then dremeled the rod down to be the length of the box when closed.

11427867_10153481733752578_8301579045790571257_n.jpg 11427682_10153481733877578_470094979511335524_n.jpg

I then Uesd a core saw to put in my PV sockets for the barrels. The bottom accessory is a pop up spinkler ripped apart and ech part is used somewhere in this build. So the ring around the thin barrel. the strainer is placed back into the pop up sprinkler but on the outside pointing forward. The top of the sprinkler is bolted to the box so that the short barrel can be fitted easily to the box. The idea is that MissKittyBoo will be traveling with this prop via plane interstate so it had to be disassemblable.

10300679_10153481733972578_9160298251636394759_n.jpg 252522_10153481734082578_4492937794902493535_n.jpg 10303936_10153481734167578_6328044398890439874_n.jpg 11216252_10153481734272578_1551062559723003212_n.jpg

I then fitted some switches and an arcade button (as the trigger). The first switch is to power it on and off. The second was to turn on sound (abandoned this feature for now) so the switch is unused for now.

Continued next post...


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Ok so the switches get fitted

10349160_10153481734517578_2013596488438175752_n.jpg 11216585_10153481734432578_8206651334765863890_n.jpg 11210420_10153481734597578_892408106391923272_n.jpg 1554500_10153481734637578_8030002497445514120_n.jpg 67296_10153481734737578_5914171469038283958_n.jpg

Then I fitted four LEDs into the L shaped irrigation conduits and hot glued them in.I fitted 4 random colour changing leds to an acrylic lens I had bought and fitted it in to the pvc barrel cap I bout for the end of the main barrel.


Then I wired up all the of the LEDs and painted the barrels silver with Rustoleum Aluminium Mettalic but I had an accident and had to rub it back and start again.

11428077_10153481735097578_6366588007620921232_n.jpg 10409401_10153481735202578_1891778932354744096_n.jpg 10460206_10153481735262578_9139175914789417481_n.jpg

Then I fitted the barrels and fitted a 9v battery and resistors on each of the LEDs. Once wired up I assembled it for a test.

11252487_10153481737317578_1286357442175279345_n.jpg 11054431_10153481737472578_4049819758822930171_n.jpg 21003_10153481737422578_4048131013677377055_n.jpg 10449181_10153481737567578_2832991910289248591_n.jpg 10984231_10153481737702578_5453737350793471549_n.jpg 11181214_10153481737647578_1944129335821372924_n.jpg 11146108_10153481737522578_7911268838604901849_n.jpg 10460255_10153481737802578_7701246624583652697_n.jpg

Then I had to have a photo with it myself. oh and I fitted a handle to the top for easier carrying.

11201827_10153481737967578_3533145968044911301_n.jpg 11230969_10153481738022578_2118620539334088550_n.jpg 11214303_10153481738112578_3242831998284118483_n.jpg 10470582_10153481738247578_883153227105880416_n.jpg 11350422_10153481738357578_2427051389929479634_n.jpg

Completed it was taken to Sydney SupaNova by MissKittyBoo and debuted the new Complete Doctor Horrible cosplay. and the results were awesome! Here is MissKittyBoo with Captain Hammer aka Nathan Fillion.


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