Dr. Eggman 2 Day Speed Build


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The Eggman cometh! I was tasked with building a full Dr. Eggman suit for a meet and greet event. The challenge was that by the time I was commissioned I only had two days until the event!

I was super fortunate that I had a lot of the necessary items already on hand. The only things I had to buy were a Halloween mask and a pair of novelty welding goggles.


I started by painting the whole thing flesh toned with acrylic paints. I then made the iconic mustache out of an eva foam core wrapped in faux fur. The engraved lines of the clown makeup and the dents in the forehead are still visible, but most of the face will be covered by the mustache, glasses, and goggles, so I'm not too concerned about it.


I then moved on to the jacket. I already had a thrift store red jacket that had the right collar style, so my work time was cut in half. I just added a front panel with some scrap red fabric and made the white trim and straps from white bias tape. I omitted the white stripes on the arms due to time constraints, but even so it's still instantly recognizable. Four big foam rectangles cut from a yellow foam gardening mat completed the look.


The undersuit is just a pair of plain black pants and a zip up athletic shirt. I also made a collar piece from upholstery foam to both raise the shoulders and sink my head into the collar. A pillow stuffed in the front gives me the classic egg shape. Low-tech, but it works!


A quick test fit with the jacket and mask showed that the collar was too floppy to keep the bottom edge of the mask hidden, so I added a collar ring of foam to keep it in the proper shape


With a little styling and coloring of the mustache, I was finished!


Full body shots! Pardon the quality, I was home alone when I finished and had to take these with my ring light.


I think this should do the job for a meet-and-greet. Now I've just got to get the voice down

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