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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by bbielecki, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Just a small post for all the propers, to remind you about the security.

    Last saturday, I had enough of sanding my magneto helmet, and I wanted to work on my arc reactor. I wanted to cut some plexyglass, and the pieace was not safely helded. Bad reflex, I wanted to hold it with my hand and I half cutted my left thumb. I will have some surgery next thursday to fix that bad injury. Hopefully, it seems that there will be no post surgery problems.

    So please don't be stupid as I was. Always wear gloves and glasses to avoid long time without proping.

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    It's a rule here, when you're injured you have to post pics.

    Sorry about the accident, and glad the outlook for recovery is good.
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    Sorry to hear of the accident. My husband had me rush him to the ER Friday night after cutting his head... He got four staples in the scalp. Not a fun evening :lol

    Hope you heal well!!
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    Thanks for the reminder! Hope you'll have a swift recovery! ;-)
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    its a good reminder, but its not right in any case

    for example working with a disc saw(and for that matter all table saws, or even all power saws), its reeeeeeaaaaaally important not to wear gloves, as the fabric would be pulled into the saw if you just so much as slightly touch the blade, and then youre quite ****ed. a clean cut without gloves is way better than one with fabric in it. if you have cut a finger with a glove, the percentage of saving it is way smaller than without glove.

    just remember that :)

    EoS, who learned that the hard way

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