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Star Wars: Rebels Logo Pin

Concept art:

Proof-5 copy.jpgdouble.jpgProof-5.jpg

I am doing a run of Rebel Logo Pins. I am hoping to collect enough prepayments (around 30 pins) in order to justify a run. Also prepays allow interested parties to ensure they get the color(s) they want.

1” metal pin with clutch back

Color Options:
· Antique Gold Tone Plated Metal
· Antique Silver Tone Plated Metal
· Black Plated Metal with Orange Enamel
· Black Plated Metal with Purple Enamel

· $10.00 for the first pin
· Add $8.00 for second pin. Total $18.00 for two pins ($9.00 each)
· Add $7.50 for third pin. Total $25.50 for three pins ($8.50 each)
· Add $7.00 for fourth pin. Total $32.50 for four pins ($8.125 each)
· Add $7 for each additional pin

· Prices include First Class US shipping.
· Please add $5 for first class international shipping.

Paypal with note of your color choices to

Please send payment as “goods”. Please do NOT send as gift although I appreciate the thought. It easier for me to mail pins out and it is safer for you.
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