doh! Viper mishap

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by pyxl, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. pyxl

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    So I'm in the final stretch of putting together my Meyersjesse Viper and man it's been fun...I listened to all of you who did yours first and tried to be dilligent...I spent a LOT of time getting those wings juuuuust right...the angle was absolute. I re-checked it like 20 times before the final tack down. It would have been perfect, had I not just realized I have them upside down. DOH....
  2. phase pistol

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  3. RickDTM

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    *slaps forehead*
  4. Watson

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    D'oh :cry

    Those * wings get you EVERY time
  5. Jedi Dade

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    Just explain it away as the deck chief on the galactica was dyslexic :p

    Jedi Dade
  6. Master Propmaker

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    I think I would cry. :cry
  7. Jestefarean

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    LOL...I did this same thing once myself. I was able to snap them off and reglue correctly pretty easily. Just brace the base of the resin...the body won't snap...

    Good luck.

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