Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Some Leg Skins


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does anyone know where i can get some leg skins similar tor same as ones in picture.

looking for some for my costume build.


( sorry posted this in wrong section by mistake )

Those looklike maders, but if you can get a pair of scotts legs you will love them. the only problem i have with scott is im still waiting over 2 years for my stuff. look to buy them off a member not through him. just a heads up.
First off sir...yes wrong section. do not have proper creds for such topics. Did you read the rules?

I have noticed quite a few new "members" just posting topics as though they don't need to follow the simple forum rules laid down here in this section...

Come on people. Seriously, it isn't that hard to understand. It makes the site a little better and frees up a lot of unnecessary clutter. Plus, the mods and Art won't have to do so much regulating.

I am not saying you can't look around for what you want, just be sure to look into things before making a topic for it. There are plenty of topics on here who sells what where and what they sell. Just look for them.
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