Doctor Who Time Lord Psychic Container


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Forbidden Planet has been putting out a lot of Doctor who toys lately, here is the latest:


Doctor Who: Time Lord Psychic Container @ Forbidden Planet
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The cube only cycles through colors, CT is working on one that is going to be 100% accurate and will do recordings.
This got slung into my email yesterday, it does just white and flickering white and colour cycling so it's like those nightlights you could get for less than a fiver on amazon, not sure how close it is in size to the screen used though.
CT or the Celestial Toymaker one the finest makers of replica Sonic Screwdrivers. He used to be a member here, though was unfortunately banned.
You should check out his replicas, top notch, good prices.

I think Character options are putting out a lot of these toys lately due to the mid series gap. This little Message Cube looks good, but I think it will be way off in size.
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