Doctor Who Rose Tyler Crown Shirt Replica

Hi everyone! Just popping by with a review of a Rose Tyler shirt replica. She wears it in Season 2 Episode 2, Tooth and Claw.

The shirt I bought is from Zazzle, if you want to grab one. There’s also a more screen accurate one from the same designer, which was posted literally the day after I ordered my shirt. :rolleyes:
Now to the review - it's your basic American Apparel pink t-shirt. It's a slim fit and a little thin, but the printing looks like it will hold up to multiple washings. I ordered the "Vivid Printing" option. The website recommends sizing up, and I'm glad I did because my true size would have been too small. The crown design looks 100% screen accurate which is amazing. Since it's hard to find photos of the actual shirt, it's difficult to tell if the colors 100% accurate but it's definitely "close enough."
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I'm surprised this hasn't seen more replies! I know there's a fairly passionate Rose cosplay community on the internet, they just must not be active on the RPF :unsure:
The purple overlay on the "more screen accurate" one you refer to is just printed over where the crown pattern stitching is on the original - so technically if one wanted to be more accurate I imagine it'd be better to get the one you got and then add the stitching in purple thread ;)

Which colour fabric did you get - the pink or the fuschia?

(if you're curious about the colours on the SA one, someone who managed to snag one put some photos up on this album Rose Tyler Costuming and Collecting )
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