District 9 - "Puddi" brand cat food

Ah - that explains the red cans we can see in the background at the Nigerian compound. Specifically, when the two aliens are trying to sell the ... uh ... battlesuit.
I have been trying ot find similar pics of cats faces for the last couple of days. Might be easier to buy the damn cats to get the pics correct :(
It's a light brown tabby cat

this image is close, but the pupils are to big + a few other issues. God, I hope some of these props go on auction soon.
quick draft

BTW I was thinking that finding these specific cats might be impossible.. BUT what if the propmakers used a photo off of an existing cat product? Cat food or more likely cat litter or something? Folks should scour the cupboards. :lol
If you have a can of whiskas or something you could copy the nutritional information off the back of it (I don't own a cat so have no cat food in the house)

I was trying to be a bit too accurate with the cat pic I think. I was looking for a brown tabby cat with green eyes that was looking up slightly :lol (I am probably dreaming a bit when it comes to that)
Well, considering that I don't have any LARGE cans of cat food handy...

Also both "Puddi" and "Prr" seem like generic brands, not too much spent on promoting those... :lol

This will tide us over till we can get better reference.

I wouldn't be surprised if the artists used pictures of their own cats. That's what I would have done!

Also note- Prr brand uses a different cat. :cool

The same logo (picture of cat and brand name) is on the can twice (sort of a front and back), with some nutritional and weight info in between on one side. Sort of like this:
Well a couple of points...

I know the cats are just temporary. I am sure something better will show up once folks look at cat litter, magazines, and so on. Perhaps if anybody finds two cats more closely resembling the ones on the props, I can incorporate them.

The other issue is... only human food has "nutritional information" in that format. :lol But I tried to incorporate something like that with the "GUARANTEED ANALYSIS" label.

Anyway it's all academic because these are supposed to be SOUTH AFRICAN cat food labels. If any RPF'ers live in that part of the world, or can provide more info on what would likely be found on local labels, please chime in! :)

And no, I will not put on there that "Puddi" cat food is made by the Weylan-Yutani Corporation on the Off-World Colonies. :lol

one of my co-workers is gonig to SA next week for 2 weeks. I will ask if he can get a cat food label for me. (god I am not looking forward to trying to explain to him why i need it :lol )

OT: Have you seen the Lastexittonowhere off colonies T-Shirt? Fantastic ;)
I do however like the idea of putting the "cover art" on both sides of the prop. In fact, it might not need anything else; the props in the screengrabs look pretty bare. Still, when more shots show up these can be refined.

All the happy cats are over on the bags of kitty litter. :lol

Also, have you ever tasted this stuff? You'd scowl too. :rolleyes

"Prr" is specially formulated for vicious feral cats. :sleep

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