District 9 Fuel Cell modelling, here I go!

Next step: try to paint the inside of the outer glass covers

Unfortunately, it appears I did not take a photo of the ensuing ... disappointment.

I had taped the shaped template to the inside and attempted to hand paint it.
The paint bled on the inside, creating lines that could best be desribed as "of a 4 year old".

They WERE vertical. But has some additional "embelishments" of the younger generation.
In short: they were terrible. Now I wish I had a photo to share with you. Alas.

You'll just have to use your imagination!

sooooo. next attempt is a template curved to the shape of the window.

This is a .14mm print, single layer. In the vid I'm *attempting* to form it to the same shape as the window.
There's still some gaps (due to print issues). I've filled those with paint. Will look again once its formed.

Idea (I hope) is to get some low tach spray paint, stick it on the INSIDE of the window, spray, hope, done.
OK. It's not bad. Not perfect... in that its still a mm or so off the actual diameter of the inside cylinder. But preeeetyy good.

I'm going to fill more see-thru spots with some more paint (or ... twink!). Just anything to stop the final spray coming through!
Then I'll try to "low tack" spray it to the inside of the window, and see what happens when I paint it.
This. Maybe. Gives you an idea. The single layer print was good actually. But not perfect.
Here, at a certain spot, are a few layers that didn't quite join properly (and that's with a 140% fill rate, 20mm p/second, super slow print)

So because I want to try spraying next, and I don't want to have to "fix" the piece afterwards, I'm going to try to fill these.
I got myself some low tack spray. Worked out quite well (not perfect, perhaps I didn't apply enough on the 2nd piece)

I had "filled" my small template with paint to cover the holes.
I then waited for the spray to dry, stuck it onto the inside of the windows, and sprayed a few light coats of black.

that'll do :)


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So many small details! Today I modelled some stencils for the "round silver cicles" and also the orange alien writing. Went really well! Same technique. Gently heat the template on a piece of the same sized tube (maybe to 80 deg c). But not on the silver circle one! I melted one of the 1mm rings doing that.

Anyway; this is what it all looks like!



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I also painted the ends of the 40mm (outer) cylinder black, which I had somehow missed earlier.

This shows those ends plus the spray painted silver details.
In the last couple of shots I've glued in the ... things? sticky out bits? Buttons? Release buttons? Dunno what they are. Near the silver circles, anyway.

Next step; wait for the paint to dry, then I'll clear coat before gluing the window pieces into place.


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I'm ... done!

some shots of the final for you all :)

I left my cylinder "Free". So the inside can slide out. There's no stopping it... it'll come straight out. But I thought: why not? Let it be shown, at least. In the last pic you can see that the inner cylinder exists (not so obvious in the previous pics). So there'd be nothing stopping you making a fixed model where the cylinder was 'out' (if that's what you wanted).


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