Display for Iron Man gloves


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Hey all,

I've scoured the internet looking for a decent pair of manikin hands to display my Iron Man gloves and have come up empty. I figured someone else might have gone down this road before. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?



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I was having that problem myself. Eventually, I went to a craft store and picked up one of those hand molding kits. Problem was, it was only enough for one hand, and it was assumed you were going to have small hands that would be shaped into a ball! On the upside, it did say how much product was in the kit, so-based on that, why don't you buy 4 lbs of alginate, 4 lbs of plaster of paris and make your own? It's a pretty easy process, and you can mold your hands to look any shape you want(just remember, you want to get the gloves on afterwards!).


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Or wear long gloves (elbow long) , wrap your hands and arms with duct tape to the base of the gloves. Cut to remove, tape together again, fill it with old newspapers or expanding foam and voila, u have your safe a copy of your arm. Make a base stand and your finished