Disney wants more 'Star Wars' in its theme parks

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Right. It would necessitate permanently reinstalling Rex in one of the vehicles. If I recall correctly, Disneyland has 4 vehicles and Disneyworld has 6 (not sure about Japan and Paris). Perhaps having one dedicated vehicle at each park? As for the pre-boarding video, I guess you would simply have to concede that it won't be random and anyone who's boarding that particular vehicle is doing so knowing it's the original experience. I haven't been there in years so I don't remember how the queue ends as you approach the ride but if there was way for riders to branch off in separate directions? One way for the modern version, one way for the retro version if one should desire. Probably not feasible but it would be cool.

I mean who wouldn't love the idea of riding next to a Wookie? (Talking about the pre-boarding video)

There is a special Wookiee mode that can be enabled for Smuggler's Run. Your entire crew has to press a series of buttons during the pre-launch and strapping in procedure, and then Chewie roars throughout the ride.

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Okay, those Millennium Falcon bunk beds are pretty cool.

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Close to the revised (cheaped out) version of concept art.
Capture d’écran 2020-02-07 à 13.13.05.jpg
Capture d’écran 2020-02-07 à 13.13.45.jpg

This was the original version.
Capture d’écran 2019-02-23 à 00.55.12.png

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Close to the revised (cheaped out) version of concept art.
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This was the original version.
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While that whole Star Wars hotel thing looks really neat, there's no way that I'm paying that much for a 3 night stay on a pretend cruise. I'd rather spend the money on a real cruise and actually go somewhere and see real locations. And the price difference between a real cruise and a stay at this pretend cruise hotel isn't all that much either. For a little bit more you could book a Disney cruise on their newest ship which is going to have Star Wars themed areas in it too.


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See, that's where their greed comes into play. The parks belong to Disney, and they can adjust the daily attendance at each park however they feel is necessary. "We're sorry folks, but we've just hit our maximum capacity of 30,000 for today and will have to wait for guests to leave before we can let anyone else in."
If you came from across the country (or the world) for a Disney vacation and rolled up to the gate on your last full day in the area, only to be told you couldn't enter because the park had reached an artificially low capacity level, how would you feel? How would your kids (presuming you have any) feel?

That solution would hardly make people happy.

Raising ticket prices hasn't worked as well for crowd control as they'd like because "too many" people are still willing to pay (even though every single time prices go up, Facebook Disney groups go through another round of "they're at the point where people will just stop going"). I really don't think they want to raise prices willy-nilly, because they do still want families with children to come. If nothing else, that helps drive the 20-years later nostalgia return trips, when today's kids want to bring their children to the parks to recapture and share the memories they have from their childhood. If they drive too many families away due to high prices, they risk losing that future business.

They do want your money. They want you to want to come back again, and for your children to bring their children in years to come. They do want you to have a good time. Most of the cast members in the parks really want guests to be happy; it isn't stuffy corporate "suits" who are the boots on the ground in the parks. The cast members are not there because they're getting rich, because they aren't. Most of them are still at least somewhat true believers in the Disney "Magic." I've seen way too many cast members do really nice things for guests that they certainly didn't have to do -- things that, if they didn't do them, it would never occur to guests that anyone "should" have done them.

Want to experience the parks with smaller crowds? Do the one thing most people simply refuse to do, even those who know it would mean lower crowds and shorter wait times: Get there early!

I mean, if the posted wait time says a park opens at 9am, get there 45 minutes to an hour before that, depending on whether you are driving a car or taking Disney's transportation. The majority of people just will not do that when they're on vacation, and they pay for it later in the day. You can get quite a few rides done in the first couple of hours a park is open if you're there at rope drop and don't waste time in stores and buying snacks. You can go back to your hotel in early afternoon for a swim or a nap -- when the weather is hottest) and come back late in the day and enjoy the park at night.

I mentioned arriving early; if you do so, you'll avoid some of the following or at least find the waits involved to be significantly shorter. But especially if you come after 10:30 or 11 am, if you're driving to the Magic Kingdom, it will take a good hour at least from the time you go through the parking plaza (toll booths, more or less, where you pay to park) to the point you go through the Magic Kingdom turnstiles. Figure a wait to go through the plaza, a wait to board the parking lot tram (if they are running those again, as they were suspended for COVID), a wait to buy tickets at the gate if you didn't get them ahead of time, a wait for a restroom break for at least half your party at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), a delay to settle the likely argument about whether to take the monorail or the ferry boat to the Magic Kingdom, a wait for whichever transport you choose to be in position and ready to board, and a wait in line to get to the turnstiles (all worst case; you may be able to avoid a few of these).

Better to get there early enough that your longest wait is for them to drop the ropes and let you go out of Main Street USA into the rest of the park.

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