Dimensions of TOS cylon basestar


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Does any one know the dimensions of the cylon basestar from the original series?
Also, does anyone know the dimensions and scale of the basestar model that was used for the series?

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This ship is massive being 1,800 feet (550 meters) and has a mass of 3 million metric tons.

Bit of trivia: The last episode of the 1978 series, "The Hand of God", gave the only glimpse of the interior of the Cylon hanger. This model used several off the shelf Monogram raider models to populate the hanger's interior.

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Also in "The Hand of God" you see the actual studiomodel, as it's used as the strategic model used by a Adama for the missionbriefing. Gives you a sense of scale ..

I don't remember the exact measurements ... Have them somewhere, but not here at work.