Did you Disneybound Star Wars Style for Galaxy's Edge or Galactic Starcruiser? If so, post your pictures.

Darth Elevator

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Seriously thank you guys, I got a army looking for me. I really appreciate your efforts!
No problem at all. Seeing how they have discontinued certain items, Ive now been pulling the trigger on anything Im on the fence about. I just bought the Jabba sail barge wall decor after considering it for awhile.


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Totally agree, the Han Solo-esque look is retired for me, you either do a spot on Han or go a different direction. I see a lot of people getting stuck in the rut of his costume design, which is great but there’s so much more out there.


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I'm just about finished with a Corporal Rostock costume. One of two known on RL, and (if I say so myself) mine is FAR better than the other one. I did massive research and cross-referencing to get it where it is.

it was NOT cheap, and I had to custom make boots nearly from scratch. I just got an Avanos Cassian Andor jacket to go under the vest- that was a big hang-up... I can go for approval with what I have now, but I want to complete the rifle first. One and done. I also helped identify the belt pouches, which were not properly identified when the other costume was approved. One pouch still eludes me, but it won't stop approval. At least, it shouldn't...

Anyway, there's a good variety of costumes available, and a large number of them are undergoing complete rewrites of the standards. I think getting in on the "ground floor"- i.e. being the first one to do a particular costume, makes it easier than a "face" charecter, which has been analyzed to death, and made 10,000 times.

One I was involved with, to a very small extent, was the soldiers on the Millennium Falcon on their way to Endor. The deleted/extended scenes showed much more of these guys and a standard is being written right now.

So, there are options, if you want to avoid Han...

I also have a Poe Dameron costume that is roughly half done; maybe more than that. The standard for his pants (it's ALWAYS the friggin' pants!) is rather tight- too tight if you ask me, and I'm doing some heavy reworking of Austrian military pants to get close enough to go for approval. I think I have the rest of the costume.

One thing that irks me is that it's okay to go for "close enough" greeblies on the costumes for example, yet, when the exact item is identified, it is not a requirement of the costume. Okay, the angle of the pockets need to be changed* (actual request) but the plastic thingies are fine instead of the actual metal thingies. I don't agree with this. Either be over the top anal-retentive with it, or relax a bit. I think often one does not see the forest through the trees...

(*These pockets are just about invisible on screen. Frame by frame analysis was required to nail it down... sort-of. Clearly not a deal-breaker trait, but there it is.)

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I use to have people come up to me at conventions upset that they couldn't get approved just because they didn't have a compad.

Unless you want to get in on some sort of exclusive event I say do your own thing.

It's a big universe that doesn't need a million clones of the same few characters.

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Oh and a lot of the standards the RL uses are way off what was actually used in the film's.

One of the guys I work with is constantly mentioning this and he's not even a costumer.


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I'm "fighting the fight" on that front.

There is a woman in Germany who also does her best to get the accurate pouches and other details. I enjoy working with her, because she is passionate about getting it right but dispassionate about clinging onto "that's the way we've always done it".

She and I worked together on the Rostock costume and I think it's pretty damn good now.

I have about zero time to spend at a convention or event, so it's more for me than for anyone else, which is honestly how it should be in my opinion.

My NASA flight suit came out pretty nice. And I even had to get the patch maker to realize what they assumed was "the same" from USA and China was WAY off... Now you can get the USA made patch, and not be stuck with the inaccurate China-made one.

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in the realm of prop replica related, this dropped today.


Mara Jade's Father

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Dang it… can this be bought online?
Not at this time. Looks to be a park exclusive. Usually they do not offer that stuff online unless its overstock or clearance. But they did just put up the kid size shoulder armor online with the GE packaging and that is brand new, so you never know what might happen.

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