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ith the extended flu season, SARS, Swine flu, COVAD-19, NOVAD-20 and varied variants out there the conventions are starting to cancel and reschedule.

As such I thought it might be a good idea to have some sort of running list to help our members coordinate vacations, appearances, drops, and such.

To my knowledge the following have been cancelled and rescheduled
Emerald City Comic Con (EMCC)
Niantic labs Safari zone event
South by South West in Austin, TX
Fan Expo Dallas, TX to July 19-21
Ace Comic Con North East
Planet Comic Con

The following have been semi cancelled but had some sections carry on:
The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio (competition happened, other parts cancelled or severely reduced)

The following groups and organizations have cancelled appearances through the end of the year:
DC comics

The following news outlets are sources of breaking news regarding the virus outbreak:
Sirius XM channel 121

Please respond with any others and I will update the list as appropriate.

Also please bear in mind this flu season and corona virus outbreak is getting overly hyped, but the convention scene is notorious for spreading illness that folks take home with them. DO NOT over react, DO be careful and follow more stringent hygiene protocols. Also be aware that these illnesses are only potentially fatal to folks with compromised immune systems, so if you are in good health the illness concern is not as great but is still there. We have among one of the best emergency health care systems in the developed world so do not be afraid of catching things, but do be prepared to take care of yourself. The key is to not panic, do not buy into the hype, do not make reactionary or panic purchases. Only listen to experts and do not buy into a media talking head who is not a subject matter expert on virology giving opinions and advice. Study the facts, figures, and reality, not opinions and hype. Form an opinion and understanding based upon facts, not hype.

So as the first line in the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy says: Don't Panic.

Update: it appears that about a 100 conventions have been cancelled or rescheduled. Organizers are scrambling for refunds and munincipalities are becoming like ghost towns in some areas. Anything March or April appears to be getting rescheduled. Convention owners are carefully selecting when and where to cancel and reschedule.

Further complicating matters is the fact that convention markets are over saturated and this is causing substantial strife within the entertainment and vendor industries that rely on payments to survive and refunds to schedule spots at other events. Fortunately recent declarations are making things easier to get refunds and reschedule and local governments are trying to work with businesses to ensure continuity and safety. I would stress trying as it is not always possible to create outcomes that are desirable or ideal that do not cause loss or harm in some fashion that can be recovered from.

Pay attention to how things unfold as these sort of stressful environments are where true ethics and character will show up and allow many to see how things will be at their worst. And if you are at the center always try to operate by the golden rule and try to be the shining examples that others may follow.
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Creation Entertainment has been terrible at addressing this outbreak and not providing any options for the forthcoming StrangerCon the first weekend of April in LA. At the advising of the State dept. of Health they should at least allow refunds for those concerned and having weaker immune systems who don't want to risk air travel and being around large groups of people while this thing hopefully blows over soon.
It appears that universities and some other schools are closing until the beginning of april. It will be telling what cons will do after April...
I saw that ACE Comic Con Northeast jsut got canceled/moved. Ive heard that Universities are closing/ switching to online only soon...hopefully things get better.
My local con Oddmall: Emporium of the weird is canceled and I'm not happy. It is the one thing I look forward to every year.
I've wanted to go to MP for a long time. Sigh... perhaps next year. However, when the madness is over, "everyone" is going to want to go after being cooped up at home for months- it's going to rebound like a rocket!!
It looks like July or September may be the earliest we might see conventions resume. October I think folks will tell many municipalities to stick it, nothing really happened we do not care about your rules. Full on Containment and Control will not be possible with anything more than 3 large cities simultaneously so I fully expect things to start resuming to some semblance of normalcy as the those in power do not want to risk a loss of face with an inability to control their population base. There is also the risk to challenges to many of the lock downs on a constitutional basis causing even more issues and municipalities do not want to risk liabilities there if they start getting too terribly aggressive on things.

Even then expect new sanitation and hand shake protocols. Many outfits have cancelled through the end of the year so do not expect a full experience.

Lack of ozone air purification and filtered recirculation systems being established (recurring yearly maintenance costs on top of a standard system setup) in large facility air handling systems means that large groups will always remain a vector for the spread of disease. Otherwise there would be no such thing as, "con crud."

Many actors/actresses are advancing in age and have their own fair share of health issues which has been shown to increase the likelihood of health complications from the corona virus disease family. Convention scenes in many cases are where they go to semi retire and enjoy and love on their fan base.

There has also been a rise in online conventions (on-cons) so expect that to start becoming a thing.

In the meantime dig through your business card collections from conventions and place random orders to help support your favorite vendors who have lost so much during this forced economic inactivity.

Things will resume and return to normal. Things will change.
Denver Pop Culture Con (formerly Denver Comic Con) was originally scheduled for 3-5 July - July 4th weekend.

It‘s been postponed to 27-29 November - Thanksgiving weekend.

The city is currently using the convention center as a temporary medical facility.

LA Anime Expo cancelled. No word yet about refunds.

WonderCon was cancelled, got refund quickly.

Do we know yet about LA Comic Con? When I checked their site it didn't look like they had tickets for sale.

My main worry is Star Wars Celebration. Never been, got my tickets, really looking forward to it.

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