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Hey guys, I have been looking to do a Red 10 Studio scale kit for a while now. Soon as I am done with my Red 12. I would like to start a discussion on the Red 10 Pyro X-wing that we could come to some kind of conclusion on the X-Wing Pyro Model itself. I really want to know for accuracy; what it looked like. I have some pictures that I have collected over the years, but my eyes may not see what you see, and I would value your opinion on what this X-wing does and does not have. I know of the older threads on here, but many pictures are gone and really not more then a few pages of discussion on the Red 10 was actually talked about.

Does anyone have any really good pictures of this kit? I know that there are some out there that are not shown of this X-wing.

What I know for myself ( please correct if I am wrong.)
1. Pyro model on table with rest of the X-wings, its seen in the far back but not finished at that time. Still being painted.

2. I see a yellow nose, And some yellow down the side like Red 4. Trench Olive Oxide with Misted Depot Buff and Mud. Yellow below the cockpit like Red Leader. ( Mud)

3. Grey line down the front of the nose to the cockpit? Used Lark Dk Gry ( Floquil or Archive X)

4. Not a true blue cockpit. Grayish color? Used Archive X- ANH Stormy Sea

5. 1 Red laser on the Port side. ( Caboose Red)

This is all I can get from my pictures. The x-wing does appear to be more clean looking on the Back end but very dirty on the front.

In picture number 4 of the multi picture shot. This is the only time I have seen this picture, Does anyone actually have the full size of that?

Thank you for any help or discussion we could do about this kit. I really want to do this correctly and to get the correct paint scheme would help anyone if they wanted to make it.
I added the picture of Red 12 with Red 10 behind it so people can see the red laser from that side.

Note: added a picture that has been enhanced. you can now see the yellow on the nose. Dang thing almost looks like a Hero with that nose job.

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I hope more information turns up on this, and other SW ships. It would be neat to see them come to life again.
This is how we keep this hobby alive!
I enhanced These. Looks like 2 yellow stripes down the nose like Red 4. Yellow like red leader under cockpit and yellow on the front tip. Not full nose. Almost looks like a hero nose. Green or grey on laser bottom right heat sink and cover? Grey stripe down full main body to cockpit? 2 blast marks on port bottom engine. Green under cockpit?

Note: back of the main body, the cap is upside down.

looking for thoughts on pic 4 of the multi pic? FYI the end cap on the back is upside down. (See original pic for multi picture above)

All paints are Archive-X reference
1. Reefer white base.
2. The yellow on the nose-- Trench Olive (confirmed), same as used on Red 2
3. Yellow on side from cockpit to nose--- Mud? Depot Buff?
4. Yellow under cockpit on panel Such as Red leader, Mud?
5. Cockpit looks to be ANH Stormy Sea (Archive X)
6. Green under Cockpit, very weathered. Like red 3? ( this is still being looked into)
7. Blue stripe down nose-- could be putty before full painting? But its look blue. almost dark blue or even dark blush grey? Thoughts?
8. Bottom Port side Cannon(gun) has lettering Grey misted over it. Giving it a darker look?
9. Concrete inside port side bottom wing.

Thoughts? Pictures anyone would like to share?

I have been working with someone to enhance many pictures.
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Did Red 10 have a "Hero" nose? Good question, anyone able want to start a crazy discussion on this? ( This is only about the nose) I am aware they took parts from other X-wings that they tried to blow up. So do do this model correctly. I am assuming I need a Hero nose.

Red 10 Hero.jpg
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Interesting thought...although judging by how the pyros were built vs hero models, I’d say most likely not.

Pyro fuselages were built using left/right halves. ‘Chronicles’ shows this in the ‘sun glasses’ picture. The nose was molded into the left/right sections.

Hero models were built from upper and lower halves, and used (to my understanding) a vacuum formed lower fuse half. This was done, presumably, to be able to accommodate a (motorized) armature.
As you can see from the pic, the nose was a separate piece from the fuse.

If I was a betting man, I’d say that Red10 used the same molded in pyro nose. It may have been sanded to a somewhat different profile, as many of the models were, but I bet it wasn’t a ‘hero’ cast nose.
I am a firm believer after talking with a few prominent members of this community that Red 10s canopy is ANH Stormy Sea. Same with Red 3 Pyro canopy. I feel the color is spot on when you enhance the photos. I still may clean up the skuff marks, maybe little over done. But in various photos of Red 10 you can see the scuff marks. Just hard to tell exact placement.
Working on Hull of red 10. A lot more dirty than I first thought. I enhanced all the photos I have of it into black and white. Allowed me to see where the grim and dirt was on the original model. Any critique is welcome.
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Very nice to a rendition of that version I barely knew existed, very interesting piece.

It's probably a bit too late for that, but based on the reference photos you posted, it seems the blue line going from the cockpit to the nose is a bit thinner, like it does not fill the whole area between the two yellow sides
Very nice to a rendition of that version I barely knew existed, very interesting piece.

It's probably a bit too late for that, but based on the reference photos you posted, it seems the blue line going from the cockpit to the nose is a bit thinner, like it does not fill the whole area between the two yellow sides

You are 100% correct. I am trying to identify how to fix or was this a pyro? And mine is a V4. Its not too late I hope Thinking of a solution.
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Finished the 10 last weekend, Still working on the pilot helmet. I Need to acquire some decals or make some. I tried to stay as true to the pictures. I may have a few I have been asked not to share, but your looking at it to the best of my ability. If anyone has any other pictures I would have loved to see them. Was hard to tell with mostly blurry shots, I had enhanced many by myself and others. I want to think those who helped me look at colors and match what we saw in the old pictures. Without you I could not have done it to the best of my abilities. But I hope in your eyes I did it justice. Red 10 and the Red 12 are favorites. I will be working on a custom Red 7/8/ or 9 next. I want to be creative and will be with landing gear down. I do have pictures of Red 7 and 8 Helmets from Rogue One And Red 7's Astromech from pictures. (note) The back plug is supposed to be upside down. ( I have not glued it, and I forgot to switch it back for the pictures.)
IMG_3221 (2).jpg

The Saturn Cans are really darkened as in the pictures. I felt I kept this most true to the images.
IMG_3190 (2).jpg
IMG_3193 (2).jpg
IMG_3196 (2).jpg
IMG_3197 (2).jpg
IMG_3202 (2).jpg
IMG_3206 (2).jpg
IMG_3207 (2).jpg
IMG_3215 (2).jpg
IMG_3216 (2).jpg
IMG_3217 (2).jpg
IMG_3218 (2).jpg
IMG_3226 (2).jpg
IMG_3223 (2).jpg
IMG_3227 (2).jpg
IMG_3266 (2).jpg
IMG_3268 (2).jpg
IMG_3269 (2).jpg
IMG_3271 (2).jpg
IMG_3272 (2).jpg

IMG_3321 (2).jpg

I need to finish Theron Nett's Helmet. Soon as I can get some decals made or acquire some they will be put on.
IMG_3322 (2).jpg
IMG_3034 (2).jpg
IMG_3093 (2).jpg
IMG_2810 (2).jpg
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