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Hey guys, with the help of Ultraman we've come out with a pretty neat Innsmouth related prop:

"the Matriarch of Y'ha-nthlei"






Acquired from the Olmstead estate in March of 1936 after the disappearance of Robert Olmstead. The "Aust" as it has been labeled, was presumably originally confiscated sometime during or shortly after the infamous raid on Innsmouth. Mr. Olmstead's only record of whomever he obtained the curious object from states the initials of two individuals "B.D., D.S.." The secrecy of the two identities has led ones to believe that the acquisition of this object was by some illegitimate and nefarious means. Others believe that Mr. Olmstead simply wished his personal matters remain shrouded from the public even after his eventual passing. The genealogical artifact was only on display for a short length of time (see records form A17-1) after 3 cases of poisoning occurred in the local staff at Miskatonic University. Studies showed that the gold contained poisonous impurities that slowly were "weeping" out of the surface. Further studies in 1978 concluded that the impurities could cause severe hallucinations and in one unfortunate prolonged case of exposure (see Miskatonic Liability Records form 1176) the residue caused a fatal mutation in major internal organs. The individual was hospitalized and died 2 days later. Cause of death was organ failure.

The Aust disappeared from storage in 1980 and was believed to have surfaced in 1981 on the black market. Since then, private collectors have tracked its whereabouts somewhere within the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.. Copies of the Aust began to surface in the late 90's. Since then the location of the original has been lost.

(The faculty of Miskatonic University advise any who see the artifact to refrain from ANY physical contact with the surface of the object. Please report any sightings of Arkham's regional historical artifacts to local authorities in Arkham or Miskatonic University staff )

(contact information enclosed)

This is an Unlimited Run and I have 8 finished to offer at the moment at $50 + $10 shipping within the U.S. (International shipping I'll have to get a shipping quote) and I also have one with a black base for $45, I left the label off the bottom in case you wanted to put it on a box or bell jar. They measure approx. 4" x 4".

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Thanks man! I love your collection, there's a lot of great stuff in there.
Love this! Stretched a little thin with other prop purchases at the moment, but this is pretty amazing.

PM replied, 1 SOLD
PM sent.


Looks like it would be 62.75 USD total ($50+ $12.75) shipped to Wales.
how much including shipping to the UK

I have 8 stained style busts left and 1 black one that are finished and ready to ship.
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Been out of town for a few days - the Aust was waiting for me when I got home. Arrived safely and is installed with the other cult items - it looks right at home! Thanks!

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