Deconstructing an MR AT-AT


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Did you ever wonder what an MR AT-AT looks like on the inside, but didnÂ’t want to tear apart a $1200 model? Me too.

But I just couldn't wonder any longer.

So here are my pics of deconstructing an MR AT-AT.

I think we've all enjoyed Barry's coverege of the big E and seeing how it's being constructed. Since we didnt get that kind of coverage on the AT-AT, maybe this will help quench the thirst for us AT-AT fans.

All I can say isÂ… BIG props and respect to the MR engineers and model builders on this thing. :thumbsup It is unbelievably rigid and sturdy and is a marvel of engineering. After several hours, a few busted pieces, and some bloody cuts on both hands, I got it apart. Believe me, this thing is meant to stay in one piece.

BTW, in case youÂ’re wonderingÂ… this is NOT my prized v1 AT-ATÂ… it was a damaged v2 that I acquired for a great price.

Enjoy the pics.

Thanks Wackychimp for hosting..


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WOW, I think you're to be congratulated on taking that apart... I think :)

There are something like 240 parts in the AT-AT counting all the screws, screw covers, etc.

The feet will be the hardest to remove. There is a hex bar that passes through the ankle straps and through the upper part of the foot. It has the small triangular covers on it front and back. You need to push that out before the foot can be removed. The hex bar locates into a die cast housing that lives inside the resin and ABS molded foot.

The engineering on this piece was a huge effort and will be covered in a future edition of the MR Collector's Society Replica Report. I have a bunch of images of the design process that people might find fascinating.



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Thanks guys...

Barry - Thanks... I'm not sure if it's "congrats" or condolences :p Can't wait for the write-up, sounds great :thumbsup Yes, the feet are quite a challenge, I got into it but stopped for fear of causing irreparable damage.

Tim - the plan was to re-pose it a bit and repaint.

Lynn - I'm probably going to sell it to someone who's up for the challenge of re-assembly. It is indeed re-poseable, but will require a huge amount of work and I have too many other projects to get to. Will probably post it on the Junkyard this weekend.


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:eek :eek :eek Thanks for sharing. IT WAS AWESOME AND SCARY TO SEE.

I know you got a good deal.....but I keep thinking of the cost. :cry :cry :cry OUCH.


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well if your looking to get rid of it let me know im interested in getting it and having a hand at putting it back together.


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well if your looking to get rid of it let me know im interested in getting it and having a hand at putting it back together.
Thanks Darb but I sold it in the junkyard a few weeks ago. Occasionally you can find damaged ones on ebay for cheap (well, cheap compared to the full price :rolleyes )

Hope you're able to track one down...