Decisions, Decisions . . . Which Costume to make


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Yeah, I know, I'm planning pretty far in advance, but I have to if I expect to get around to actually making the costume. :p

I've been planning out a custom Green Lantern costume for a little while now, and though that sounds like an extremely fun costume to make, another idea hit me and now I'm torn between the two.

So what's more recognizable:

1) An original take on a fairly recognizable character like this (imagine a white circle with the lantern emblem on the chest)


2) An obscure 90s comic nerd reference like this:

I lean toward Spiderboy, but only because the Spiderman movies have put Spidey in the public eye. A lot of people would just assume that I was spiderman, but that would be okay with me

I get the feeling that no matter which I chose people will look at me and go "what the heck are you supposed to be?" so I probably shouldn't bother about which is more recognizable, but I'm curious to know what others think.

I also can't help but wonder why I always choose obscure cultural references for my costumes . . . one year I went as Tom freakin' Bombadil on Halloween, for crying out loud... :lol

thanks in advance for the input, kids.


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Spiderboy - just because it's a cooler costume. Good luck with which ever one you choose. Hope to see progress pics.



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ouch, 50/50 . . . ;)

Thanks for the opinions, guys.

I got some advice from the boys and girls at the League of Heroes, too, but that was pretty much split down the middle as well so I was left with my fear of working with spandex to help me make up my mind.

It decided that I should start with the GL (mainly because it looks simpler) and save spiderboy for later (though I will almost certainly get to it eventually). Hooray for compromise through fear. :lol


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Originally posted by saber_holder@Feb 13 2006, 04:55 PM
If you pick between the 2, go GL... you could make a power battery for it, and maybe even get green contacts.

If I could venture a third option though, I'd say Ghostbuster. Great costume, and everyone always loves it.
Ick. Contacts gross me out, something fierce. Fortunately, I do have naturally green eyes, so that'll have to do. ;) The power battery would be a fun little add-on, that I hadn' t considered.

and I probably will do the ghostbust thing someday, but I don't have the technical prowess to put together a proton pack, or the capitol on hand to buy one right now. Definitely a great costume, though.