Decapitated Ackbar!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jun, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. jun

    jun Active Member

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    Hi all, just thought i show you guys what could happen to a deteriorating latex collectible due to time. Mods, not sure if this is the right place for this thread so if its not, feel free to move it.

    This is the Illusive Ackbar as we all know it

    The following was what happened to mine!

    Now we have a glimpse of what's inside


    and i like the serial number!
  2. Atlas

    Atlas Well-Known Member

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    That's, um.....
    I know I shouldn't be laughing, but it just looks so silly =D
    Can it be fixed? Looks like it could be. And with that serial, it'd be a huge loss =(

  3. Contec

    Contec Master Member

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    "It's a crack!!...." :p
  4. jun

    jun Active Member

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    No worries man, i'm laughing too everytime i saw it, it looks like its giving me a full respect bow!

    Deterioration is a gradual thing, it didn't get to this state overnight, but the thing is...there's no way i can stop it unless i'm prepared to spend hundreds for climate control room.

    I don't think it can be fix and this is why i don't collect latex collectibles anymore.
  5. Funky

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    Oh, it can be fixed. The question is do you really want to put the time and money into it only to have it happen again in 10 years?
    I've seen several of the Yoda's and they are in just as bad of shape, if not worse.
    Yeah, anything latex that's a collectible has an expiration date. With proper care you can prolong it's demise but it will happen eventually. It's just the nature of latex. :unsure
  6. jun

    jun Active Member

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    Well said!
  7. OldKen

    OldKen Master Member

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    Get some drawn butter... STAT.

    Yeah, no offense but even as a young teen, I knew these kinds of things looked neat... But they WILL eventually... Essentially... Rot away. :(
  8. Timmythekid

    Timmythekid Sr Member

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    Silly? I find that more along the lines of "world-shatteringly-horrific" in a kind of Cronenberg way....yeesh that thing's scary looking.
  9. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    What did you think was inside? Pudding?
  10. Funky

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  11. RumbleBee

    RumbleBee Member

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    Hey Jun,

    This might sound crazy but given the nature of the latex deterioration as the above poster so eloquentally pointed out, have you considered maybe working with it as a decapitated Ackbar? Hear me out, long before he was the rebel alliance general, Ackbar and the Mon Calamari (if my memory is correct- I'm a huge Ackbar fan and I find your pics rather striking and am suprised at the insides - and btw kudos on the low serial number!) were enslaved by the Empire- if I'm not mistaken Ackbar was personaly forced to be a minion of sorts to Tarkin- which means Vader would have been around at one time or another, I don't know what the rest of your collection is like, but that'd be one heckuva warning to rebel forces, you know if you had say a Vader over top with a sabre coming down beheading Ackbar ( a desecration in my opinion!) and maybe used some re enforcement sculpture (compatible with latex of course- as it deteriorates thank u again) and filled in the neck with his insides etc then make your own warning mount as one piece? I dunno I'm just saying one man's trash is another man's treasure, seeing Ackbar decapitated just the shock factor alone, but maybe that's just the geek in me (and proud of it!)...

    Then again, if you had those said materials, why not just repair it?

    lol...never was a more true word said: "IT'S A TRAP!"

    Quite the quagmire you have there, my friend...can anyone elaborate more on the shelf life of latex and the temperature requirments? Thank you, this is how I learn...:)

    If the inside were a different more solid material would this affect the tear (or prevent it?)?
  12. jun

    jun Active Member

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    Thanks RumbleBee, that's very!

    I have enjoyed the Ackbar bust for a good number of years and as i've only picked him up 2nd hand for a mere £15, i say its well worth the money. I have recently seen the yoda and Jabba selling for hundreds of dollars...i can only imagine what's in store for the buyer in few years time.

    This is the only latex piece in my collection and i have no intention of fixing it. The rest of my statues and busts are in polystone/ cold cast porcelain... I hope no one is going to tell me next that polystone/porcelain may also deteriorate sooner than i thought?!
  13. SmilingOtter

    SmilingOtter Master Member

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    "Nearly-Headless Nick" would sympathize...
  14. NormanF

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    It's a nap!
  15. cyberbjjc

    cyberbjjc New Member

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    I'm sorry but i just have to say it... "its a trap!"
  16. frosty

    frosty Sr Member

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    that would be an easy fix, latex does come apart eventually, but if you look after it and keep it out of the sun, it can last for years, it won't come apart as soon as you look at it funny
  17. terryr

    terryr Sr Member

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    It's a piece of work.

  18. R2Dan


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    This made me look at my collection and think "thank the Force I don't have any latex pieces". It's quite a sad sight

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