Deadpool FaceShell Build


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My brother in law ordered a deadpool costume and the mask looked horrible so I told him to order a blank one and Ill try to make the mask
Here is how that went.

We started off with a spiderman face shell pep file

Figured that would be a good shape for the head.
This is my brother in law trying it on, looks like it fits but the back of the top will need to be adjusted.

I put some fiberglass resin on it to harden it and bought a cheap full face mask that I will cut up for the eye lenses

Now to get it right

I used this picture as reference

Next I drew out the shape

I cut it a bit wider than my outline but I liked the look of it so I kept it big

For the shell I cut slits in the back few rows and bent them forward to give it a nice contour that fits his head

The mask I cut up was very flimsy plastic so I needed to harden it. I first wrapped the shell in foil (fiberglass does not stick to foil)

Next I layered some fiberglass on the inside of th cut up pieces and placed it on the shell, then I used rubberbands to hold in in place until it hardened

Here is my brother trying it on once it hardened and trimmed

I did a base of white primer and cut the eye holes out... kind of looks like spawn here

Next I painted them black

I temporarily taped some white paper for the eyes to give that white look until I get some white mesh

Here are the pieces

three magnets for each eye piece

and the somewhat finished product

I still need to clean up the eye pieces a little bit and, I need to put the white mesh for the eyes, I need to drill some holes for breathing, and I might do a coat of primer on the shell just to make it all one color.
I am very satisfied with the look.
Let me know what you guys think.
The paint dried so I took some more pictures.
Here is what it looks like as of right now

Here you can see the air holes I drilled and the foam padding

oh and I painted it black

Here is what he was originally planning on using for his mask ahhaaha

If anybody is curious what I used for padding
I forgot to add that I used a heat gun to bend the plastic mask a bit around the nose to have it a little more flush to the shell. It made it sit a little better in the end.
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