"Dead Island" released on Sept 6 in US/9 Worldwide!

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Who all is getting "Dead Island"???? It looks like a Fallout styled game but with a zombie apocalypse! I'm hoping it's got even half of the kind of features the Fallout series. There's a preorder bonus from Gamespot but it doesn't look all that important to get as far as I can see. I think I'll plunk down the cash though just in case this Friday.

Here's some actual gameplay: Dead Island: 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage [HD] - YouTube

Almost time to start Zombie killing training!!!
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Re: "Dead Island" released on Sept 9!

I've got it preordered and will be getting it the day it comes out. I'm truly excited! :)
Re: "Dead Island" released on Sept 9!

I've been following this title since the trailer hit a few months back and the mixture of RPG, FPS and sandbox mechanics is certainly ambitious and quite promising, the environment is also certainly appealing and divergent to what were use to seeing from this genre.

What really will sell this game is the co-op, our XBL group has been searching for new titles and depending on the reviews this game may very well be our next time vacuum.
Re: "Dead Island" released on Sept 9!

The trailer was amazing. I might not be able to get it first day, but i'm getting it very soon, that is for sure. Looks great, and I love the ability to customize and combine weapons. That is just a wonderful feature. I can't wait to see how detailed it gets. Makes me wish they'd do a L4D 3 already too!
Definitely interested in this. Anyone find any reviews online yet? I looked but didn't see anything. Post reviews here if you do. Thanks!
That trailer from a few months ago really turned me off. Yes, I know it's just a game and none of it is real, but watching a young family get wiped out by zombies in slow motion just didn't do it for me.

I admit it was very well done from a technical standpoint, but it just seemed too exploitative and manipulative for my tastes.
I'm gonna wait and see what people have to say about the game before I pick it up. Besides, i'll be penny pinching for the next month and I want to make sure if I make a big purchase like that, that i'm not wasting my money.
I had it pre-ordered and paid off, but switched it for Gears 3. I didn't like the gameplay footage from E3 at all. The graphics don't look as good as they should, and I didn't like the RPG style of gameplay at all. I was hoping for a Left 4 Dead style.
I'm not a fan of first person shooters, but this one looks pretty good.

Whats the best retailer exclusive anyone has found?
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Being a huge fan of zombie games I'm going to have to pick this one up. I was disappointed in LFD2 so I'm hoping this one gets me back into zombie killing with extreme prejudice again.
It was announced in 2006 and then was delayed numerous times. I was a little worried that the game might suck because the first trailer that they released didn't have any actual game play or engine rendering so it was difficult to gauge what the game would actually be like. I'm intrigued so we'll see what happens. It looks like it will be quite a bit of fun.
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