David Mosher FX full size Armature.


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I was scouring the Internet for sculpting armatures and soon realized this was the best one I could find and is perfect for a project I’m doing. I contacted him a few years ago and was told he is no longer making it.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post, but does anyone have one? I’m curious what they are like and to see them in case I can find one second hand.

Thank you! Pic Attached.


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I own one and love it. I also own a few of his half face sculpting forms. Unfortunately David seems to not be making anything anymore.

The Monster Makers Ed Head is also a great product that I use.
David’s armature was my favorite I’ve ever used. I used it for years until it literally fell apart. Here are the last photos I took before he ended up in a landfill in LA.

I have the Neil’s Materials armature now but it’s not as good. You have to grind the ears and nose off pretty much immediately.

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