Dave Prowse shoulder width?

I'm pulling together a Dave Prowse sized Vader 1:1 display (ESB version). I'm able to find most measurements to build up my mannequin. However, I am unable to find a shoulder dimension. My mannequin has 21" shoulders and it is looking a few inches short for the chest armor and shoulder bells to look right. I'm thinking it should be at least 24" wide.

For folks with 1:1 Vader displays, how wide do you have your shoulders??? Also, any tips on building our the shoulder area on a fiberglass mannequin?

Thanks in advance.

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this can be a slightly confusing measuement so I want to clarify .

-are you measuring a perfectly straight line in between two points, ie shoulder to shoudler

--or are you sorta laying the measuring tape across the chest from shoulder to shoulder....

there is a difference over that many inches.

Also....shoulders mean different things to different people...sorta like waste vs. hips. Depends on what generation your talking to. Military waste or modern hip huggers.

Do you mean tips of shoulders... or the widest point in the middle to lower shoulder?

Ill measure my body cast here

lmk. Im very close to Prowse if not exact in some areas.


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These measurements were posted a while ago in "Help with Prowse Measurements" thread.

Dave Prowse's ESB Measurements

Height: (dressed) 82" / (undressed) 79"
Neck To Floor: 69"
Back Neck To Hip: (seated) 30.5"
Torso Length: (neck front to neck back through crotch) 72"
Shoulders (across back) 19.5"
Chest: 45.5"
Upper Chest: 47"
Under Chest: 41.5"
Waist: 40"
Hips: 46.5"
Armseye: 27"
Bicep: 17"
Elbow" 14.5"
Forearm: 14.5"
Wrist: 10.5"
Sleeve (shoulder to wrist) 27.75"
Shoulder To Elbow: 14.75"
Shoulder To Finger Tip: 35.5"
Underarm To Wrist: 18.5"
Underarm To Elbow: 6.5"
Inseam To Ankle: 31"
Inseam To Floor: 36"
Outseam To Ankle: 45.5"
Outseam To Floor: 49.25"
Knee To Ankle: 18.5"
Knee To Floor: 22.5"
Rise: (waist front to waist back through crotch) 35"
Thigh: 27.5"
Knee: 19"
Calf: 16"

Yeah, I was looking for shoulder to shoulder, measured from the back. Thanks for the replies, buys.

The "Help with Prowse Measurements" is exactly what I need. Thanks. I really do appreciate the help.

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But those specs can be deceptive....like any.

Are we talking about a straight line or layed across a human body which is not flat.

Ill be in the shop tongiht and get back to ya.