Darth Vader ROTS Helmet WIP from Hasbro Mask and Pepakura


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Wow, this is very impressive !

You really should get the helmet molded and offer a small run.



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Here is my latest progress on the painting stage. Took me a while to get used to making it shiny using clear coat. Adding comparison photos to the MR ROTS Vader again.

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Got to take more pics with the dome. I need to paint the mouth/chin grill black and line the dome with foam to avoid scratching the mask.

More comparison shots with the MR ROTS:

Size comparison next to my EFX ANH PCR



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Is this your thread? And if so how can I get the mask file?

Hey man, I think it's Juvito's free file. I'll link a PDF and the thread: Accurate Darth Vader ep3 Helmet Pepakura


  • accurate darth vader ep3 helmet (2).pdf
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