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    Hey Everyone,

    I figured I would share a Revan Mask build that I did for a friend going to ComiCon last year. I have since upgraded my 3d printer so I can print full width and so there is less assembly time.

    I did the design in Google Sketchup and smoothed out the dome in Blender.

    I have a printrbot simple 3d printer which only has a 4"x4"x4" build area so I sliced up the model I made into 12 pieces with a jigsaw slot cut into each for final assembly.

    20140719_072034.jpg 20140718_071132.jpg 20140719_095604.jpg 20140719_095612.jpg 20140719_183326.jpg

    After I assembled all the pieces I used my soldering Iron and extra pla to "weld" it all together and then set about sanding and coating with many coats of filler primer to smooth out the mask.

    I gave the mask to my friend unpainted and he finished the rest.

    13591_10100642233944972_5161229284627537946_n.jpg photo 1.JPG

    Just thought I would maybe inspire people with smaller printers to be able to make some fun stuff.

    I am currently printing a second copy in only 4 pieces now and no jigsaw cuts.

    Just thought I would share.

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