Dark Saber - What is the Correct Finish for Screen Accuracy?

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Am buying a hilt from Ultra-Sabers, and they offer several hilt options. Which one is the most screen accurate? I'm buying it to wear with my Mandalorian Beskar Costume. Thanks!
I would check the pictures in the DarkSaber reference thread and then make up my own mind.

As usual, they probably made multiple props: some of real metal for close-ups, some painted light-weight plastic for carrying, rubber stunts, etc. so the finish will not be the same in every scene or even every shot.
IMHO, the prop they showed off at Celebration looks especially cheap: as if it was a plastic toy. :p
Sorry to be a pain, but if you were picking "screen accurate" ... what would you pick, from these 4, or is it "personal taste." I sorta like the black/silver models.

This is the one that was on display Darth Lars was referring to (screen used).
The lightsaber community strongly recommends not spending your money at Ultrasbers. Shady company, **** products, overpriced.

EDIT: oh hey, apparently the internet has to be PG now.

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