Dark Knight Batarang - Clean up and Display


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I wanted to get some thoughts on how I should clean up a couple of old Dark Knight Batarangs. I got them years ago here, and never had time to do anything with them. As I was cleaning out my collection I came across them and figure it's time to get them on display.

Any ideas on how to display them and what I should do to clean them up? I thought about taking them to get a powder coat, but I would like to keep them as accurate as possible.

Here they are currently? Any thoughts? Are there any good stands or anyone that can do a custom stand?



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What are they made of? If they're steel you could hit them with a grinder and bezel the edges, and then work on them with some sandpaper and a polishing wheel to get them to a nice shine.

As far as a display, if you want to set them on a surface, a tiered mount made from plexi or metal could look cool. Or even get it printed like this...

Or if you want to put them on a wall, something simple like this would look good.


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The ones in the movies are painted gold. You could bevel the edges and spray paint them. If they're steel you can put magnets in the display to the are easily removable and there is nothing appearing to hold them.


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Yea, they are steel. I got them here years ago and just never did anything with them.

I didnt realize they they were gold on the dark knight. I thought about just polishing them up. I don’t need for them to be sharp (it may be better that they are t for my kids sake)

i like the the shadow box idea with magnets. That’s a pretty good idea.


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Yea, I think the shadow box will be the way to go.

Does anyone one have any good screen shots for the color?