Re: Italian Spiderman creators latest "Danger 5"

There is this perfect convergence of ideas and motifs being nailed in quick succession here that I can't even begin to describe them all without getting incredibly giddy with excitement.

As aforementioned by CessnaDriver the guy behind Italian Spiderman Dario Russo originally created that as a short film on zero budget that than led to those infamous shorts on a small shoe string budget financed by an Australian film group who are also producing this six episode web series.

The article below includes some of the some history behind the development of this series and an interview with the production team.

Danger 5: find them online, bring them to the TV screen | Encore Magazine
Re: Italian Spiderman creators latest "Danger 5"

that is just awesome.... it reminds me of a real life type of venture brothers show.. i cant wait for it to come out!!
I don't know about that. Check Chapter 2, Section 14, Subsection A in the Jedifyfed Playbook.

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Ha, thanks, DM! Avoided the jedifyfing on a technicality!

Although "Italian Spiderman" might as well be some kind of code for "Hitler's Aftershave."
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