Daft Punk Thomas Helmet -- Skipped a few chapters


I would like to add that for me, when using the new HT1632c board and following the anode cathode orientation of letters being anodes and number being cathodes it scrolled upwards rather than from side to side.

This was costly as i had to re-do the matrix so that the negative led leads were rows rather than columns and the positive were columns rather than rows.

This is the email of the guy who sells the led chasers used in this tutorial - donniedj@anothercoilgunsite.com

This will hopefully be helpful to someone.


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Thanks for the tips FireWire. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned cathode and anode orientations need to be switched for the HT1632c board. This info is useful as I'm waiting on my 3mm HT1632c board and LEDs and will starting my sub-visor build soon.

I wanted to consolidate/confirm info for the HT1632c board that's spread throughout this epic thread here:

andyval's Arduino code for the HT1632c board here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15496619/FINISHED.zip

Formori said "Just a note on the Sure Dot matrix display boards, the new 3mm LED 8032 Matrix display has the resistors on the back of the board so you don't need to worry about damaging them when removing the LED matrix blocks." Is this the same board as the HT1632c 5V 3mm board or a different board? Can you confirm all resistors are on the back of the HT1632c?

For the new HT1632c 5V 3mm board the layout of LED leads in the diagram below needs to be swapped. Numbers should be anodes (positive) and Letters should be cathodes (negative)
View attachment 300841

What are the dashes in this diagram of the HT1632c board? Just disconnected leads?
View attachment 300849


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Is anyone here able to make the whole internal display of lights for the Thomas helmet. Looking to pay around $100 for a fully functioning programmed one that i can just slide right into my helmet :)


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This is how my helmet looks with a bit more gear. I'm still missing the gloves and jacket. Even though, the jacket for me will be a bit of a stretch due to Houston, Texas weather. On top of that, I've always loved the "formal" wear with those helmets.


Photo by: George Martinez

Helmet looks awesome dude! Great job. And I agree with the Houston weather. It can be brutal at time. I'm from Houston Texas as well

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So after spending the better part of a week banging my head on the desk trying to rework the code to work with a switch I had a moment of clarity so to speak in the shower this morning and it hit me.

To get a switch to work 1 line needs to be altered, 1 needs to be removed, and 5 added in. All in the void displayScrollingLine() loop.

Take this

void displayScrollingLine()
// shift the whole screen 6 times, one column at a time;
if (animCounter >=15){animCounter=0;}else{animCounter++;} //tek. Plays all 14 sequences sequentially instead of random


and change it to

void displayScrollingLine()
const int sensorMin = 0; // sensor minimum, discovered through experiment
const int sensorMax = 1020; // sensor maximum, discovered through experiment
int sensorReading = analogRead(A0); //set sensor port to be Analog A0
int switchRange = map(sensorReading, sensorMin, sensorMax, 0, 5); //Take the sensor input and remap it to 0 thru 5 (one less than your switch, 6 pos switch is 0-5)
int animation = switchRange; // make animation equal new switch range value


Then go back up in to the area that list the cases and change the loops all to 1, if not have to wait for the loop count to finish before it will switch to the next selected animation.
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Tekp, this has been a wealth of knowledge, sorry to resurrect, just had to give props. Do I need to get the driver Sure electronics states when using an arduino? Also, is it possible to make sound activated modes using an arduino compatible sensor? I would love to figure a way to have a spectrum analyzer mode. Not sure if you still use these at Cons in Houston, but I may very well see you at the next one should I ever get this one started/finished.
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