Daft Punk helmet lighting sequences


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I'm building the electronics package for the Guy Man helmet for a replica prop maker I met last year. He doesn't want the face lighting, just the chin and side lights at the moment:

ELPH Begins… | Semiaxis

The electronic design is easy enough, but I haven't found much lengthy video that helps me to see the lighting sequences that should be used.

The person I'm working with will be helping me out with this part, but I wanted to do some additional investigation so that when we do talk about it, I have a better idea of what it should look like.
Check this out. Pretty easy to do if you have any experience soldering

Thanks for the link. I'm designing custom boards which will be significantly more functional and much less expensive than those listed at that site.

I'm interested in a screen accurate replica including the lighting sequences the originals had.
I finally spent a few days this last month laying out the PCB and just got it assembled a few days ago. It's not the exact size or shape needed - just a prototype so Dante has something to work with and I have something to develop animation sequences on.

This is just a test sequence to get an idea of the load it puts on the Arduino. I expected I might have to go with a more powerful processor, but it looks like the arduino is doing just fine, so I'll stick with that and make it easier for others to fiddle with it.

I'm planning on having it scroll "DAFT PUNK" and "HUMAN AGAIN", improving the animation in the video, and a few others, but I'm still looking for more ideas for animations, especially animations similar to those used in the real costumes.

Here's the video of the first real test after assembling it:
ELPH First light - YouTube
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